Tuesday, September 28, 2004


Billionaire supporting Billionaire

Billionaire George Soros intensifies his anti-Bush campaign Here I am, sitting in the middle of the United States. I grew up in the southwest. Now here comes a millionaire presidential candidate from Boston who has never done anything except spend a few months in Vietnam and run for office. He is supported by a guy who was born in Hungary and is a billionaire. And all I'm wondering is: what do these guys know about me living my life in the "flyover" part of the country. I cannot connect with either of these guys - on any level. In fact, I'm pretty sure after listening to them that I have nothing in common with them. This goes to credibility. Two zillionaires from parts foreign to me have no credibility and I have no reason to trust one damn thing they say. I sure as hell hear W when he talks. I get the language, I understand the sentiment and the reasoning. Sure, he is a millionaire too, but I have yet to hear him ever speak down to anyone. I can't believe I'm alone in thinking this way. Kerry can go ahead and trot out Soros and Kennedy, that will convince everyone that it is the DEMOCRATIC party that is the party of the rich, white male.

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