Wednesday, September 29, 2004


CNN Needs to Defend This Headline - Bush apparently leads Kerry in pre-debate poll - Sep 28, 2004 EXCUSE ME!...APPARENTLY. CNN is reporting on a poll which is nothing but good for Bush in nearly every single area - ahead among likely and registered voters, majority supporting sending troops to Iraq, better job approval rating, and more trusted to lead the war on terror. This is the kind of media biased which has bothered me since I can remember. There is no apparently about the numbers. Bush IS AHEAD based on this poll. It's bad enough that the MSM (main stream media) feels obligated to present all the cons each time they are forced to report on a Bush pro, but they never challenge anything Kerry or his group puts out there, no matter how big the lie. They will all go the way of Rather - eventually. For now, stay tuned to your local blogger for the actual news.

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