Thursday, September 30, 2004


If you are a citizen and only vote once, there is nothing to be afraid of.

Bullies at the Voting Booth - Independent Media TV Anne-Marie Cusac puts forward the argument that the republicans (no doubt the vast right wing conspiracy) are behind a concerted effort to dissuade minorities from voting. Those bastards in Arizona are trying to make it illegal to vote if you are not a citizen (actually it's already illegal, just not enforced). Up in Michigan those cold hearted snakes want to prevent people from voting four times in the same election. In Missouri, the toll free lines were hard to get through on the day of election so people could find out there polling place - I guess calling the day before would have been too hard for these concerned citizens. In New Mexico the horrible conservatives want people to provide an identification to register to vote - oh my got, what a travesty. I guess the fact that a 13 y/o recently registered to vote in that state is not a problem. In South Dakota, absentee ballots have to be notarized. I guess those people who are so interested in voting and have thought so far ahead as to request an absentee ballot do not think it is important enough to prove that the person who's name is on the ballot actually filled it out.

Here is the deal. If you are duly registered to vote and are a citizen of this country, you have nothing to worry about. However, if you are an Iranian citizen who has committed multiple felonies in the USA and are voting for the fourth time today, you should be concerned. Apparently, the main concern with the liberals about requiring some minimal amount of identification to vote is that they might loose one of their strongest bases, the illegal alien/dead/vote early and often/felon/underage vote. That would really hurt. Nice try Anne-Marie.

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