Tuesday, September 28, 2004


Is this a flip-flop or a waffle??

Here he goes again.(washingtonpost.com) Kerry goes to the Midwest milk producers and tries to get their vote despite supporting legislation which artificially inflated the prices of northeast milk (not Midwest milk).

"Kerry tried to convince voters in this rural community, where he is practicing for Thursday's debate, that he would look out for dairy farms here even though he hadn't always in the past.
In the 1990s, Kerry supported the Northeast Dairy Compact, a regional pricing program that propped up prices for Northeastern dairy farmers over objections from their Midwestern counterparts. "

Really, which John Kerry are we to believe.

Actually, it's our own fault that we can't keep up with his changing positions on so many matters. We just don't understand the elite nuance with which he formulates his opinion. If only we were all ivy league educated billionaires - then we would understand.

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