Thursday, September 30, 2004


Michelle Malkin Busts U of A Student and NBC News

Michelle Malkin: NBC'S DRAFT-MONGERING DISHONESTY Read the transcript from the NBC piece on students who are scared the draft might be re-instated. Fist of all what does the Charlie Rangle quote have to do with anything? Thats a rhetorical question, it was put there as a free stab at Bush. Second, this story and the one done by CBS news is based on a spam email going around detailing a conspiracy to re-start the draft in December if Bush is elected in November. Not one single government source has corroborated it, in fact they have all denied it. Finally, NBC uses the supposed "student on the street" for some emotional quotes about a draft. Unfortunately, this kid has been revealed to be the head of "Edwards for President" at the U of A and staunch anti-Bush. This is the kind of idiot who we had to walk around when crossing the mall. Man, do I miss 666, now that guy could really put on some mall preaching.

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