Monday, October 11, 2004


Bush-Cheney Offices Attacked

Be careful if you are working at a Bush-Cheney office. Apparently shooting holes in the front window of a Bush-Cheney office was not good enough. Now AFL-CIO protestors are intimidating elderly staffers and breaking limbs of others.

Last week, in Orlando, Fla., approximately 60 union protestors stormed and ransacked the local Bush-Cheney headquarters causing considerable damage and injuring one campaign staffer, who suffered a broken wrist

Orlando's fracas was mirrored in Miami, where police reported that more than 100 union protestors stormed the Bush-Cheney office and shoved volunteers aside. No one was charged because most of the protestors left before the police arrived. In Tampa, about 35 protestors filled the local GOP office and intimidated the elderly volunteers working there.

And what does the AFL-CIO have to say about these out of control, violent mobs.

Esmerelda Aguilar, an AFL-CIO spokesman, says Republicans are "trying to politicize [the Orlando incident] and exaggerate the event." She maintains that all of the demonstrations "were peaceful protests" designed to call attention to new Bush administration regulations on overtime pay

I wonder how Esmerelda defines peaceful.

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