Tuesday, October 05, 2004


CIA to Report on Iraq Oil Vouchers

Wall Street Journal catches onto the oil-for-food scandal. This article sites that Saddam was indeed trying to acquire/build illegal weapons!!!! Wake up people, that cute cuddly mustache is hiding a made man.

WASHINGTON -- A new intelligence report on the search for Iraq's illicit weapons lists hundreds of individuals and companies who, before the U.S. invasion last year, received vouchers from Saddam Hussein to purchase Iraqi oil at below-market prices, officials familiar with the report said.
The 1,400-page report by Central Intelligence Agency weapons inspector Charles Duelfer, which is scheduled to be made public Wednesday, doesn't reach a conclusion about whether use of the vouchers violated international sanctions or an individual country's laws. But it asserts that Mr. Hussein personally managed the effort and used some of the proceeds, which exceeded $1 billion in 2002, for illegal-weapons procurement, the officials said. .................

Just think what the world would be like if we didn't invade Iraq. Nuclear war would be a reality.

The article also points out that several other countries were involved in this scandal.


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