Thursday, October 21, 2004


Four Geese in Two Hours - Yea Right

Desperate democrats try to hide Kerry's elite billionaire status. If you hunt, enough said. If not then let me tell you how this is just such bull. First of all, a goose hunt starts at the crack of dawn (in the field by 6am), not after you get up at 7am. Second of all, unless you are unbelievably lucky you don't spend two hours hunting and wind up with four geese. Add in time to walk out to the blind, set up your decoys and then wait for birds - I'd say they spent about 45 minutes actually hunting - thats one bird every ten minutes.

Kerry bought the nonresident license and a special wetlands habitat stamp, which lets him hunt waterfowl.

I looked it up. A nonresident hunting license is $125 and the waterfowl stamp is $15. That's $140 for two hours of hunting. Any of you have an extra $70 per hour to go hunting?

Kerry's aides said he spent about two hours hunting at a blind set up in a cornfield. More than two dozen journalists were invited to the farm outside of Youngstown to see Kerry emerge from the field, but none witnessed Kerry taking any shots.

Hmmmm. Nobody saw Kerry take any shots?...

He stayed up late cheering his hometown team onto victory, then got up for a 7 a.m. hunting trip at a supporter's produce farm.

Right, is he fooling anybody.

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