Wednesday, October 06, 2004


Headlines Misleads Content of Iraq Report Iraq - US inspector at odds with Bush on Iraq weapons Read this headline, then read the story. I'm not sure whoever wrote the headline even skimmed the article. If we are to believe the headline then the report apparently shows that there were no WMD (this does not only include nuclear weapons, it includes the bio weapons), no chance of there ever being WMD and that the entire war did nothing to stop future WMD development or spread to terror agencies. Here are some excerpts, you see if you agree with the conclusion made in the headline.

Duelfer said a risk that has emerged since he last briefed Congress on the status of the WMD hunt was a connection between chemical weapons experts from Saddam’s former regime with insurgents fighting the U.S.-led forces now in Iraq.

“I believe we got ahead of this problem through a series of raids throughout the spring and summer. I am convinced we successfully contained a problem before it matured into a major threat,” Duelfer said.

“Nevertheless, it points to the problem that the dangerous expertise developed by the previous regime could be transferred to other hands,” he said.

Duelfer said that by the time of the war in 2003, Iraq would have been able to produce mustard agent in months and nerve agent in less than a year

One of Saddam’s priorities was to escape U.N. sanctions, he said.

“Over time, sanctions had steadily weakened to the point where Iraq, in 2000-2001 was confidently designing missiles around components that could only be obtained outside sanctions,” Duelfer said

He said Iraq’s nuclear weapons program had deteriorated since the 1991 Gulf War, but he said Saddam did not abandon his nuclear ambitions

OK, now having read that, do you agree with the headline? Correct answer: NO. Have we done, and are we doing the right thing in Iraq? Correct answer: YES. Why? Correct answer: Because WMD in the form of chemical, biological or nuclear weapons in Saddam's hands would have been a danger to the entire middle east, the US and to Europe. This guy was no doubt a madman with a huge grudge against the US. Those of you who thinks we should have kept going with sanctions and inspectors are really kidding yourselves.

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