Thursday, October 14, 2004


I see your mouth moving.....

Ah, where do I start with last nights debate. First with Senor ( a little AZ twist) Kerry. I saw your mouth moving, but all I heard was BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. Again, Herman Munster gave no details on any of his objectives. Kerry talked again about lost jobs and a stop to outsourcing. Let's examine his prescription drug policy ( the Doctor may want to weigh in on this). If you allow US citizens to purchase drugs (prescription) from other countries such as Canada & Mexico isn't that the equivalent of outsourcing the pharmaceutical industry? Given prices are quite a bit lower outside the US, wouldn't everyone taking medicine buy (mail delivery for no border residents) from Canada or Mexico? This would then mean Pharmacies aren't making money, and all those employed by the pharmacies. This would lead to loss of jobs and an increase in unemployment.

Now if everyone buys outside the US, that means profit margins are lowered for the large American phatmaceutical firms. With less money they hire less employees, decrease the usage of outside firms to supply products and services, again leading to layoffs and increased unemployment.

Shareholders will demand a higher return on their investments from the pharmaceutical firms which leads to one of two decisions. First, raise prices globally to increase profit margins. This would lead to a higher price level globally, ensuring nobody gets affordable prescription drugs. Second, a complete outsourcing of the pharmaceutical industry to low cost producing countries (i.e. China, India, Guadalupe?) Albeit, drug prices are to high in the US and we should not be subsidizing the world, but Herman's, I mean Kerry's plan is not well thought out. It's a marketing sound bite that catches the attention of those who get all their news (and thinking) from the liberal media.

I can go on much longer, but steam is coming out my ears......................

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