Saturday, October 23, 2004


Immigrant From Iraq Thinks the Left is Waging a Saddam Like Campaign

What Saddam Politics 101 Has to Teach Us by Ayad Rahim. This article is a must read and takes my previous assertions that the Left is getting dangerously violent to a new level. The author details the rise to power of Saddam and the Baath party and how they used demonization on the same level that the Left is demonizing American Leaders now.

Nevertheless, the demonization from the left has been more striking. Bush, his administration and its policies are not merely criticized, they are viewed as intentional and absolute enemies of humanity, the environment, the economy and freedom, people whose every word and deed is impugned with nefarious motives and purposeful ill will. Witness the slanders in Michael Moore's movie, its popularity and the plethora of Bush-bashing books in the market. Some say, this is politics as usual. However, it's not only a matter of disagreement; it has reached the level of dehumanization and demonization - a campaign of vilification that's resulted in reflexive, unthinking hostility, with the consequent potential for doing harm to the lives of the people thus demonized.

In the Arab world, that is essentially what prevails, a demonization of Jews, Israel and America, that justifies almost any death and destruction, so long as it's in the name of anti-Zionism, anti-Americanism or anti-imperialism- with nary a peep. The end-goal of Americans doing likewise - of defeating a demonized president - justifies saying almost any and all things about him and his supporters. The forces of hate that are thus unleashed, in spite of the checks in our system, would be, I imagine, difficult to contain.

Just as Jews in Iraq feared for their lives, I now fear for the lives of America's leaders, for they have been so demonized by some, that, given the opportunity, an opponent might feel it his duty to eliminate one of them - not a far stretch from the "call" of jihadis and suicide bombers.

Wow, this is strong stuff, especially since it comes from an Iraqi.

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