Monday, October 25, 2004


John Kerry, No Lie Is Too Small If It Might Help Him Win

Football Fans for Truth strike another blow at Kerry's credibility. It seems like if happened, he was there. He ran the Boston marathon - or not, he ran secret Cambodia missions - or not, he met with the UN security council - or not, and he saw first hand Bill Buckner miss that ball - or not. This kind of stuff is piling up too fast. The fact that Kerry has any support is simply an anyone but Bush attitude. God help us if we elect a president based not wanting the other guy.

John Kerry has spoken many times of his agonized presence at Game 6 of the 1986 World Series:
"I was 30 yards away from Billy Buckner in that famous Shea Stadium game in'86." (Cite: ESPN Page 2)
"Talking baseball on the plane, he reminisced, "I
was at Shea Stadium, 30 yards from Bill Buckner," recalling the error that many
consider cost the Sox the 1986 World Series." (Cite: "Sox Detour for Kerry", New
York Daily News, 7/26/2004)
"The Bay State senator says he....watched in anguish as the ball rolled through Bill Buckner's legs in the 1986 Series against the Mets." (Cite: "Bogus Bosox Fan", New York Post, 9/19/2004)
"I was about 30 yards away from Billy Buckner when that ball wiggled away" (Cite:
Kerry tries to rejuvenate his campaign, USA Today 11/24/2003)

Game 6 of the 1986 World Series was held in New York City, on the evening of October 25, 1986.

According to the Boston Globe, John Kerry was at a banquet in Boston on the evening of October 25, 1986

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