Wednesday, October 13, 2004


Just in Case Kerry is Still Wondering: Germany Says No.

No German Troops is still the word out of Germany. Unchanged from my previous posts. Apparently John Kerry needs to read more. Maybe he should call on his unnamed foreign leaders to tell them to quit making him look like an idiot by saying things that make his "plan" to rebuild a coalition and get France and Germany to join the war look impossible.

``The position of the federal government on Iraq is very clear and won't be changed,'' government spokesman Thomas Steg told a regular news conference in Berlin, citing comments by Schroeder to a cabinet meeting today. ``There will be no German soldiers in Iraq.''

What Kerry seems to not understand is that Schroeder and everyone else has heard him criticize the war in the most harshest of terms. I think it was one of Bush's strongest points against Kerry (although not delivered as strong) - that you can't call a war wrong, mismanaged, a quagmire and then out of the other side of your mouth, ask countries to send money and put their troops in harms way. Think of it this way, you have just sat down to dinner, the person next to you bites into the food, throws up, nearly chokes to death, tells you how horrible the food tastes and then says "do you want some?" I'm getting a no from France and Germany...

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