Thursday, October 14, 2004


Kerry advisors know how to move mouths also...blah, blah, blah

On Tuesday, October 12th, I was an attendee at the Economic Club of Phoenix luncheon. The luncheon had a panel discussion on economics and politics. The panelist were Bill Seidman (CNBC chief commentator), Bob Middlestat (ASU Business School Dean) and Jason Furman (Kerry Economic Advisor). The panelist got up 1 by 1 and discussed what they thought were the major economic issues, and some potential solutions, except for Mr. Furman, who seemed to concentrate on bashing President Bush, and talk about John Kerry's Vietnam record. I would have expected kerry's economic advisor to actually talk about the issues in detail, especially given the audience were high level CEO's, CFO's and community leaders. Again, no details, just sound bites.

The Kerry camp spent more time Kerry’s Vietnam record than his economic plan.

In fact Mr. Furman got so off base that the audience became visibly and verbally upset. Many muttered whether this was a democratic rally or something. The moderator had to cut off Mr. Furman because he wasn’t answering the questions. Ah yes, the mouth was moving, but nothing was coming out. What else is new?

I would have expected more from a Harvard Graduate, and known economist. What's the matter Jason, state school wasn't good enough for you!?

The other panelists did a good job (don't know their political affiliations) answering the questions and suggesting ideas. Unfortunately the Kerry camp suggested nothing, gave nothing, and I left with nothing, except having a tasty lunch at the Biltmore...Umm, bacon wrapped chicken. And that's what you'll get if Kerry is elected; bacon wrapped chicken... I mean NOTHING!

By the way, interesting note I heard the other day. Kerry in his speeches continually mentions that he will tax the wealthy like himself (Mr. Furman mentioned this about 100 times also). He's been quoted saying he is fortunate and should pay higher taxes to support the middle class. Uh oh!. Well someone dug into his tax returns and saw that Senor Kerry & Heinz only paid an average tax rate of 12.4%. Hmm, for all you rocket scientists out there, that means the kerry/Heinz's used an awful lot of tax loopholes to avoid paying taxes, and would not be subject to the increased tax rates. The middleclass will be hit again, affording loopholes for the billionaire Kerry’s. Umm, Ketchup.....

Also, if Kerry is elected, what will his wife be called. First lady Kerry or First lady Heinz? or Kerry Heinz or Heinz-Kerry? Who is she, and what has she done with the head of Alfredo Garcia?


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