Monday, October 04, 2004


MSM Still A Few Weeks Behind Fox News - Oil For Food Scandal Continues : U.S. Hopes to Lift U.N. Veil of Secrecy I blogged on this back at the old blog (Half-Assed Blog) on 8/9/04. Since some time before that Fox News has been reporting on the corruption of the Kofi Annan Oil for Food program. Back then, the links to France, Russia and China were circumstantial. The fact that these countries systematically blocked any effort to review the program, or take serious action aganist Saddam piles on more evidence of their participation.

"As the program developed, it became increasingly apparent the French, Russian, and Chinese had much to gain from maintaining the status quo," the committee staff said in a briefing memo on the hearing released Friday. "Their businesses made billions of dollars through their involvement with the Hussein regime and the OFFP," referring to the oil-for-food program.

No wonder these countries love Kerry. I'm sure that after a "global test" taken by France, Russia and China, no change would have been made to the oil for food program or the Saddam appeasement.

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