Wednesday, October 06, 2004


Nation in Harms Way Has Different Take on Iraq-Weapons Report

This article from the Pakistan Daily Times sums up the perspective of those who were in grave danger once Saddam fully developed his WMDs. While all the US and European MSM have pounced on the idea that Saddam did not have huge stockpiles of WMD - people directly in harms way apparently see the details sligthly differently.

WASHINGTON: A report to be made public on Wednesday by the top US weapons inspector in Iraq will outline attempts by Saddam Hussein’s government to undermine UN sanctions as part of a plan to produce illicit weapons if those sanctions were lifted, The New York Times reported Tuesday.

...the final version of the document describes new evidence of concerted Iraqi efforts to bypass the sanctions while they were still in place and to undermine international support for them, according to the report

If you are asking yourself - as you sit at home in the heartland - did we do the right thing in Iraq, put yourself within striking distance of short range missiles carrying agent orange, Sarin gas, Ebola virus or nukes. Now how do you feel? And how low is your threshold for taking someone out who has used these weapons in the past and is rumored to be making more? After 9/11 that threshold should be quite low - if you are at all concerned about your mother's safety, that is.

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