Wednesday, October 13, 2004


NATO Agrees to Deploy 300 Trainers to Iraq (has the US been coercing and bribing again?)

The New York Times buried this article. Another example that things in Iraq are going better than the MSM would have you believe. Actions do speak louder than words and when NATO decides to start sending help to Iraq, it's not because it is less safe or that the effort is going poorly. NATO cannot afford to wage a war or loose equipment and troops so they would not be announcing this unless their own investigation said it was safe.

A senior NATO official said the first wave of trainers, from countries like the United States, Britain, Denmark and Norway, could begin arriving at a new training academy southeast of Baghdad as early as late November

the NATO role will be mainly to train senior non-commissioned officers and more senior officers in command-and-control procedures. "Our niche will be leadership training," said a NATO diplomat. All training of Iraqi security forces will fall under Lt. Gen. David H. Petraeus of the Army.

However, there were the usual suspect dissenters.

Some nations, including France, Belgium and Germany, initially raised objections to NATO training Iraqis inside of Iraq, citing security concerns and a suspicion that the training could grow into a combat operation

Poor France and Germany - still trying to undermine the effort with a pipe dream of the Oil-For-Food program cash cow being brought back to life.

Oh, by the way, NATO is also kicking in to help Afghanistan out.

As part of the allies' overall strategy for Afghanistan, NATO is planning to add two new civil-military teams, called provincial reconstruction teams, in western Afghanistan, bringing the total number of such units that provide security and economic spark in the country to 21. Seven of those teams would be run by NATO; the others by individual countries, mostly the United States. Canada and Italy expressed interest at the meeting in providing personnel for the new teams in the west, a senior NATO official said.

The next time John Kerry - as quoted on the nightly news - tells you the war is going horribly and that we don't have a coalition, remember he is not only dead wrong but he is terribly degrading the work, sacrifice and determination of men and women from all over the globe in an effort to fight terrorism and deliver Iraq from evil.

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