Thursday, October 07, 2004


Outsourcing Anxiety Belies Facts

We outsource only a fraction of "insorced jobs." It's about time this story hit the MSM. Outsourcing of jobs is done by companies in order to produce goods or services cheaper. The consequence of this is cheaper goods and services for the American public. Unfortunately, John Kerry does not understand this. He thinks outsourcing is done to line the pockets of the business owners in this country, who are so callus they dont care about American workers. In a way he is right, the business owners are actually all the stockholders, and since most working Americans have investments in retirement accounts, more profit means more money for those people.

In the past year, employers have eliminated about 300,000 jobs in United States in favor of cheaper labor in other countries, Chao said.

Yet about 9 million Americans currently work for U.S. subsidiaries of foreign-owned companies, she said

"We understand the concern and the anxiety on this issue," Chao said. "My point also is we live and work in a worldwide economy. ... If we isolate ourselves from this worldwide economy, we will put in jeopardy the 9 million jobs that Americans currently hold" in foreign-owned companies.

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