Thursday, October 07, 2004


Read the Report - Forget the Headlines

This BBC article summarizes key points of the report. Watch the headlines trying to spin it so that we are to believe that Iraq and Saddam were "playing nice" and did not have any WMDs which might end up in the wrong hands or might get used against us.

You will likely not read or hear the MSM reporting that the real devil in the details is a plan of short term compliance with the long term goal of rapidly re-starting all the WMD programs once sanctions were lifted. Saddam clearly knew that with the US breathing down his neck, he would never be able to develop the WMD he so desperately wanted. His systematic plan was to break down all his weapons programs but save a critical small amount of information and materials so that as soon as sanctions were lifted he could have his WMD programs up and running in a matter of months. Why is this important? Because we have already been caught once with our pants down and we need to never let it happen again. This report is a damning indictment of Saddam's regime and shows just how calculating and evil this man was. He was willing to let his country suffer through ten to twenty years of starvation and poverty so that he could one day get revenge on his two greatest enemies: Iran and the US.

Saddam Hussein's goal was evading and ultimately ending UN sanctions that severely restricted what he could import into Iraq. The UN oil-for-food programme gave the Iraqi economy a much-needed boost, but not enough to let him re-start a weapons of mass destruction programme

Once he could restart those programmes, his intention was to focus on chemical weapons for use on the battlefield, long-range missiles, and nuclear weapons.

Baghdad undertook a variety of measures to conceal key elements of its nuclear programme from successive UN inspectors, including specific directions from Saddam Hussein to hide and preserve documents

There were at least two instances in which scientists involved in uranium enrichment kept documents and technology. Although apparently acting alone, they did so with the belief and anticipation of resuming uranium enrichment efforts in the future

Iraq appears to have destroyed its hidden biological weapons stocks in 1991 and 1992. However, it kept a few samples that would have been useful in starting a biological weapons programme, and it had a group of scientists knowledgeable about such weapons.

One of Saddam's sons, Uday, tried to obtain chemical weapons for use during the US-led invasion in 2003, but there is no evidence he came into possession of any.

However, Saddam Hussein never abandoned his intentions to resume efforts in chemical weapons when UN sanctions were lifted and conditions were judged favourable.

This report does nothing to take away from the necessity of this war. Indeed, it affirms the Bush doctrine: take them out before they can attack us. In fact, it strengthens the Bush doctrine because now we can see just how maniacal these people can be. The amount of time they are willing to spend in preparation for attack is scary. The 9/11 terrorists planned for at least 5 years, Saddam was willing to lay low for ten years - who is planning right now an attack on US soil in the year 2020? We need to find out now and stop it before it happens, that is for sure.

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