Thursday, October 28, 2004


Russia Sent Troops To Destroy Evidence of Russia-Iraq Weapons Sales

The Washington Times reports today that not only did Russia move the weapons John Kerry is accusing the president of loosing before the war started, but they also were sent to destroy all evidence that Russia continued to supply Iraq and Sadaam with weapons despite the UN sanctions. So not only did our military NOT LOOSE THE WEAPONS, a member of the UN security council was undermining the sanctions against Iraq and then tried to cover it up once it was clear the US was coming to clean the house of Hussein.

Russia...still our enemy???

"The Russians brought in, just before the war got started, a whole series of military units," Mr. Shaw said. "Their main job was to shred all evidence of any of the contractual arrangements they had with the Iraqis. The others were transportation units."
Mr. Shaw, who was in charge of cataloging the tons of conventional arms provided to Iraq by foreign suppliers, said he recently obtained reliable information on the arms-dispersal program from two European intelligence services that have detailed knowledge of the Russian-Iraqi weapons collaboration.
Most of Saddam's most powerful arms were systematically separated from other arms like mortars, bombs and rockets, and sent to Syria and Lebanon, and possibly to Iran, he said.

The disappearance of the material was reported in a letter Oct. 10 from the Iraqi government to the International Atomic Energy Agency.
Disclosure of the missing explosives Monday in a New York Times story was used by the Democratic presidential campaign of Sen. John Kerry, who accused the Bush administration of failing to secure the material.

Yes, John Kerry took his orders from the NY Times and made several hysterical speeches and a commercial. Unfortunately, he was had by big media and now looks like a doofus.

The damning stuff:
The Pentagon disclosed yesterday that the Al-Qaqaa facility was defended by Fedayeen Saddam, Special Republican Guard and other Iraqi military units during the conflict. U.S. forces defeated the defenders around April 3 and found the gates to the facility open, the Pentagon said in a statement yesterday.
A military unit in charge of searching for weapons, the Army's 75th Exploitation Task Force, then inspected Al-Qaqaa on May 8, May 11 and May 27, 2003, and found no high explosives that had been monitored in the past by the IAEA.
The Pentagon said there was no evidence of large-scale movement of explosives from the facility after April 6.

Just so you get it, read that last paragraph again and email it to all your friends who are still on the fence. Don't bother sending it to any Kerry supporters - make that Bush haters - as there is no such thing as a Kerry supporter.

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