Wednesday, November 10, 2004


Democrats Acting Like They Are In Power

Democrats Vow to Hold Bush Accountable (washingtonpost.comm) Two of the far lefties in the democratic party, along with John Kerry (I guess he is a liberal again), announced that they would hold Bush accountable to all his campaign promises. Interesting that they would have to announce this since one of the reasons they have been in attack mode for four years is that Bush has consistently done what he promised in the 2000 election. It will be interesting two or four years from now when these dems are running for re-election and stand up and say "president Bush made the tax cuts permanent, reformed social security and won the war in Iraq because we told him to."

This public cry for attention is really pathetic. The democratic leaders are grasping at anything to make themselves appear relevent. The fact that the left actually lost house and senate seats was a huge blow. Most pundints predicted a close but Bush-win presidential election but even CNN was predicting the loss of the majority in the house and a slide to a one seat majority in the senate. Now, in defeat, here comes Nancy Pelosi and Charlie Rangel (I wonder how many democrats know that these two are the personification of what is wrong with the dems). Pelosi, a classic elitest, thinks the American people are too stupid or ignorant to know that the Republicans have been running the house and Senate for years now.

Pelosi, addressing reporters after lunching with about 100 House Democrats, said her party will speak out when it believes Bush and the GOP-controlled Congress are mismanaging Iraq, tax policies or the deficit. "The president won't be able to blame anyone, because the Republicans have full control," Pelosi said. Although Republicans have controlled the White House, Senate and House for two years, she said, "the American people did not know that. And now they do."

Unbelievable. When will they learn.

Apparently some have learned. Many of the Ds are apparently "lying low". These lefties are the ones who have learned the lesson: you can't get people to join you by insulting their intelligence and values.

DLC founder Al From said the 2004 election continued a "40-year slide" for the party, interrupted only by the elections of Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. Democrats must close the security, reform and culture gaps, he said, adding: "You can't have everybody who goes to church voting Republican."

Some congressional Democrats also say the party needs to do more soul-searching, but most are lying low. Rep. Steny H. Hoyer (D-Md.), the party's second-ranking House leader, did not join Pelosi, Rangel and others who addressed reporters. Hoyer "wants to think things through" but will not challenge Pelosi or surrender his post as party whip, said a source close to him.

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