Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Now Let's Get Back To Kicking Some terrorist Ass

The election night was nerve-racking, frustrating and ultimately satisfying. Unfortunately, after being up until 1:30 am and doing 14 hours of surgery today, I am somewhat speechless. Things I'm working on:

1. Networks held off on Fl and OH to keep viewers tuned in

2. Early exit polls were dead wrong and likely a democratic plan to influence the election

3. Anti-gay marriage laws passed overwhelmingly - polls previously showed this issue close

4. I have yet to hear the word mandate thrown around - but Bush winning re-election with the largest number of votes ever and with a majority of the country (Clinton never got a majority), it seems that President Bush has a mandate to continue to prosecute the war on terror, continue tax relief in the economic front and push the conservative social agenda.

5. Where is OBL and can we please kill him now?

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