Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Pack Your Bags!!

Another election, another challenge to the votes. I think its clear that "W" has won re-election, and will serve for another four years. But along the way during this campaign there were many promises made that I expect to be kept. Not promises by "W", but promises by celebriticians (celebrity-politicians).

With their infinite wisdom, it seems that many celebrity's have decided they know what's best for our country, and decided to try to sway the American voter. The tactic used to sway voters was not through debating the issues, but by threatening the American voter with "moving". That is, moving out of the USA if Bush were re-elected. Well, guess what, start packing your bags Sean Penn, all the Baldwin brothers, Matt "I'm Matt Damon" Damon, Ben "I'm Matt Damon's friend" Aflect, Cameron Diaz, Barbara Streisand, Michael "extra mayo please" Moore, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins, Bono (your not even an American, but get out), Bruce Springsteen, all of MTV, Dixie Chicks (including the fat one), because "W" is here for four more years.

The list of celebrities who decided to enter the celebritician arena goes on and on. I expect that if you are going to threaten us with leaving, then honor your threats. But didn't many of these same celebrities use these same threats last election. I haven't seen any move. Maybe this is just an easy way for them to get their name in the paper. I can't wait for Entertainment Tonight to the post election analysis with them. I'm sure Cameron Diaz has some insightful thoughts on national security and camouflage eye-liner from Mabeline.

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