Tuesday, November 09, 2004


UA Women: The Real Sports Dynasty

The UA Womens Soccer Team had it's best season ever.

The Wildcats, seeded No. 13 in the tourney, are ranked No. 10 in the country. Arizona set a school record for wins this year and tied with UCLA for the Pacific-10 Conference title.

The question now remains, who is the athletic powerhouse at UA, men's or women's sports. The answer is easy: Women.

UA women's soccer team has been turning heads all year with several members being considered for the next USA traveling team (Mia Hamm and company are set to give up the reigns after just one more game this year). This season has been golden for them and they have split the Pac-10 crown with UCLA whose women soccer players had not had much competition in years past.

And how could we forget the one single team who has dominated far and away more than any other team in UA's history: Softball. The softball team has been a powerhouse for years now. Mike Candrea and staff consistently puts together national championship contenders year in and year out. One has to only look at the USA gold medal winning team from this years summer Olympics to see past and present UA greats (including coaches).

But what about the men's basketball team? Yea, they’re good and Lute Olson is definitely god material around Tucson but they are the single men's team holding their own. I give the guys credit for their national championship but I have also had to endure many years of first and second round bow-outs. Let us all hope that Olson lives to be 400 years old and coaches until the day he dies.

Credit also goes out to the men’s baseball team this past year. While they were supposed to be mediocre, they actually made it to the college world series. There, they were outclassed by the nations best but a glimpse of hope was nice. Their performance this year has certainly not been seen since the days of our last college World Series title - I think I was in 8th grade when that happened.

So if you want to watch the UA's dominate athletic teams, don’t turn to ESPN or any of the national networks - look for them on Fox Sports Net or that channel out of Prescott.

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