Tuesday, November 09, 2004


UA Won A Game Back In 1981

The Tucson Citizen relives the 1981 shocker when UA beat USC 13-10 in LA and while USC was #1.

No. 1 USC had tailback Marcus Allen, while the 1981 University of Arizona football team countered with "60 men believing together" to pull off a 13-10 shocker.

Must have been a great day in Tucson. Let's not get too hopeful though...

The current UA team could top that if the 35-point underdog pulls off a victory at the Los Angeles Coliseum over a USC team considered a lock for the Bowl Championship Series title game.

Now I'm no one to go around rooting for the Trojans but I would like to see them do well in the BCS again. I liken this to sticking with one's party even if you dont wholeheartedly support the entire platform. You have to stick with the conference. Let's face it, with three PAC-10 teams in the top 25, we need one of our teams to come up big. So go cats, beat USC and go Pac-10.

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