Thursday, December 23, 2004


Economic Immorality

$50,000 for a cat!! Here in the land of the free, people spend all kinds of money doing ridiculous things. $50,000 to clone your dead cat is, therefore legal but can be considered nothing more than economic immorality. Economic immorality occurs when individuals with such vast wealth begin to spend it on the ludicrous, ridiculous and useless. The last great economic immorality was spending hundreds of millions of dollars to fly a hot air balloon around the world. We do not want, and should not have governmental controls on how we spend our money. However, we should have societal, religious and moral guidelines by which we use our money. Those who cannot keep from lavishly spending all their riches in the public square on $50,000 cats should be shunned, not taxed or put in jail. We should admire and celebrate those who give selfishly to charity and to help the less fortunate in order to promote that kind of spending. We should also never let things like this cat story go without wholeheartedly pronouncing it immoral.

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