Saturday, December 11, 2004


Elites Lost To People Power

Dick Morris never waivered from his prediction of a Bush Victory. Morris, who advised Clinton in the past, did not let politics get in the way of noticing that the elite media could not prop up the liberal democrats against the people - blogging, talking and hitting the streets. Until the dems realize exaclty what Morris is saying, they will continue in second place.

This year, the nation’s political process was turned upside down as the elites lost power and the masses of average voters gained it.

“Mass communication” usually denotes the few speaking to the many through the journalistic and electronic media that they control. Now it must be redefined as the masses communicating and imposing their views on the elites, often over the furious objections of their former masters.

The defeat of the networks in the war of CBS versus the bloggers is one of the most dramatic illustrations of this new political dynamic. All of Dan Rather’s men could not put over a forgery of Bush’s National Guard record on America’s bloggers, who eventually forced the CBS anchor from his perch atop our politics.

The way a handful of Swift boat Vietnam veterans with only a few hundred thousand dollars among them were able to defeat the entire propaganda apparatus of the Democratic Party and nullify the effect of a four-day national convention with its extensive panoply of stars and massive media coverage is another example of the emerging people power.

And when the national elite media broke the October surprise — The New York Times/CBS story of the disappearing munitions from an Iraqi storage site — the administration’s denials and explanations were broadcast so widely by the talk-radio hosts and Internet bloggers that the story first was blunted and then backfired on the Democrats.

The final manifestation of people power came on Election Day, when Republicans rallied 1.4 million voters to work at getting out their voters in swing states. This massive outpouring of volunteers, reminiscent of the 1964 Goldwater and 1972 McGovern campaigns combined, has never happened in any campaign of the past 30 years. While Democrats relied mainly on paid workers and hired legions of lawyers to prepare for the challenges to voters that Republicans threatened but never actually lodged, the GOP created a gigantic national organization to funnel manpower into swing states, which generated a record turnout of GOP loyalists.

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