Thursday, December 16, 2004


Green Bigots International

Thomas Sowell writes an excellent column calling out all hypocritical environmentalists. Anyone who has ever had a conversation with a vegetarian wearing leather shoes can relate to Sowell's article. I will never forget the conversation I had with some part-time vegetarians. I asked why they were vegetarians (I always let people off the hook who reply that they just don't like meat or that they are on a diet and trying to cut back on fat), they replied because of cruelty to animals. Soon afterward, they found out that two steak dinners had been made for them and there were no more vegetarian plates. They decided to eat the meat since it was already made, when asked about the contradiction they replied that anything they could is better then nothing. I replied that animal cruelty and murder must be OK sometimes - at least when it is inconvenient for them. That was a conversation killer to say the least. Oh well, who wants to talk to hypocritical liberals anyway, they will just drive you crazy.

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