Thursday, December 30, 2004


Price of Big Mac Likely Going Up Thanks To PETA

McDonald's says it will consider more humane method to slaughter chickens PETA has struck again. Now it is trying to get McDonald's to change the way in which they kill their chickens so they can make those tasty McChicken and McNuggets without hurting the poultry.

The fast-food giant said it is studying the possibility of "controlled atmosphere killing," in which chickens are killed by replacing oxygen in the air they breathe with an inert gas, such as nitrogen or argon.

It would replace a slaughtering process in which chickens are hung by their legs on a moving conveyor line and pulled through an electrified vat of water. The electrical charge is supposed to stun the chickens, and then their throats are cut.

Exactly how do they know how much pain a chicken has when being killed. The two methods of slaughter described above appear equally unappealing to me. Their current method seems equal to being shot with a tazer and then having your throat slit while you were out cold. The second method sounds like slow suffocation. Given the choice, I would rather NOT have my oxygen slowly cut off - just do it quick.

The real problem is in the cost. Pure, medical grade oxygen does not come cheap and I'm guessing that pure, medical grade Argon or Nitrogen are even more expensive. Now factor in the cost of making a special room in which chickens will slowly have their oxygen replaced with Argon until they are dead. Compare this with the cost of a large vat of water, 125 volts and a knife. Plus you have got to retrain all those chicken electrocutioners and decapitators to be high pressure gas techs. Pretty soon the airport isn't the only place you will be paying $4 for a Big Mac.

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