Thursday, December 09, 2004


The Racial Side of Liberal Media Bias

Scott Hogenson hits the elite media right between the eyes with it's double standard view of racism. Call Dr. Condoleeza Rice "Aunt Jemima" and the media accepts your John Kerry like awkward explanation - no apology needed. Call out the NFL for it's affirmative action policies to get more black quarterbacks and you are given your walking papers and called racist, despite an apology. The formula is easy: liberals can get away with racism because they care - conservatives are all racists no matter what because they are mean and want everyone treated the same.

Sylvester, who hosts a talk show on a small radio station in Madison, Wisconsin, has managed to punch his own ticket and is now basking in his 15 minutes of fame. And all he had to do was use racial epithets to attack black Republicans.

Specifically, Sylvester finds it appropriate to describe for his listeners National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice as Aunt Jemima and Secretary of State Colin Powell as Uncle Tom. How progressive of him.

"I'm not a racist," protested Sylvester, a white fellow who claims the reason he referred to Rice as Aunt Jemima was because, "her price of admission to the White House is being subservient." Well, that explains everything. We all know how routinely presidents hire people who oppose their initiatives to work in the White House.

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