Saturday, December 04, 2004


Russians in on the Oil For Food Scandal

Zhirinovsky named in oil-for-food scandal. Don't let anyone distract from the enormity of the Oil For Food Scandal. For years, the US spent billions of dollars and lost lives of our soldiers and citizens trying to hold back Saddams regime. We were told that the Oil For Food Program, run by Kofi Annans son, would keep the people of Iraq from starving while economic sanctions held down the ability of Saddams regime to produce WMDs. We now find out that this program was corrupt from the top down. No only did the UN administrator take payoffs, multiple other countries and their leaders were taking payoffs and making profit from selling Iraq non-food military items. The bottom line is that the UN leadership along with many of the Bush/USA-bashing countries and their leaders have systematically undermined the US efforts to suppress Saddam's dangerous regime, cost us money and worse, lives.

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