Friday, December 17, 2004


This Could Be W's Greatest Domestic achievement

Bush Considers Domestic Spending Freeze Just when conservatives have started complaining about Bush's liberal tendencies on the economic front (I guess they forgot about the tax cuts), W comes out with what we have all been waiting for. The domestic budget has grown every year for at least the last twenty years. Any story about budget cuts regarding domestic spending in the past ten years are false. The liberals have long made it a ploy to call a decrease in the percentage increase, a cut. That is to say that if your budget was increased by 10% last year and this year it will only increase by 5%, that is called a cut by the libs (despite your budget actually increasing). A domestic spending freeze will allow the congress to take real stock of the budget and decide if the federal government needs to be paying for midnight basketball. I'm sure if this freeze happens we will be treated to all sorts of stories about people who can't make it because the government can't help them any more. Just remember that for every starving baby, there is a new statue or an artist getting paid to paint or a scientist getting paid to study why the sun is so hot. The point is that we need to reign in domestic spending, use our money where it is really needed and let the people take care of each other rather than making every little problem in to a new government program.

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