Friday, December 17, 2004


We Need More Teachers Like This

Principal is put on leave in alleged handcuffing.

The principal of a St. Louis charter school was placed on administrative leave Wednesday as an investigation continued into allegations that a 5-year-old pupil was handcuffed.

Sam Morgan, principal of Thurgood Marshall Academy, told a reporter this week that he wanted to "scare this kid straight" when he asked police to help teach the boy a lesson. He said the kindergartner had major behavior problems.

Good for Sam Morgan. His chicken sh-t school board placed him on administrative leave. This is the kind of kid who takes 50% of a teacher's time every class leaving the remaining half of her or his time to the other thirty kids in the class. To make matters worse, parents have become so quick to defend their little hellians that kids are not even afraid that mom or dad will find out about their getting in trouble. When I was in trouble for fighting at school, I knew that whatever the principle could dole out for punishment would not even be close to what I was going to get at home. No today though, parents want to skirt their responsibilities as disciplinarians and leave that up to the schools - only they don't really want the schools to do it their kids, just somebody else's.

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