Thursday, September 23, 2004


Kerry demoralizes U.S. troops

Kerry is up to his old tricks. Nothing new here really. This is the same Kerry who claimed to be helping the Vietnam soldiers by testifying to congress that the soldiers were electrocuting the genitalia of Vietnam citizens. Now he is trying to help the Iraq soldier by giving speech after uninformed speech about how Iraq is a quagmire and how bad the war is going and about how terribly it has been mismanaged.

I almost lost my breakfast earlier today when I saw Kerry making a speech calling both Bush and the interim president of Iraq liars. He made a statement to the fact that our commander and chief has to tell the truth. Kind of like spending Christmas in Cambodia...

Wednesday, September 22, 2004


CBS Scrapped Iraq-Niger-Uranium forged documents story for the infamous Bush-national Guard-Forged Documents Story

This story in Newsweek tells of the CBS newsroom scrapping a story alleging forged documents were used to prove Iraq was trying to buy uranium from Niger. That story was killed when CBS received the (now discredited as forged) documents about Bush's military service. A couple of obvious observations here. First, it really goes to the motivation of CBS to cancel a story which was reportedly well produced and thought out for one which would have even greater - and personal - consequences for the president and his bid for re-election. Next, how ironic that a story on forged documents was replaced by a story built on forged documents. And, no matter what you think of the Iraq-Niger-Uranium dealings, even if CBS still goes with that story before the election there credibility is so shot, it will not make any waves. Finally, just a note about the whole Iraq-Niger-Uranium thing. While Joe Wilson has been outspoken against the idea that Iraq tried to buy uranium from Niger, it seems that this was flip-flopping at it's finest. From
This Washington times article:

"In his book, Wilson recounts his encounter with the unnamed Niger official in 2002, saying, he "hesitated and looked up to the sky as if plumbing the depths of his memory, then offered that perhaps the Iraqi might have wanted to talk about uranium." Wilson did not get the Iraqi's name in 2002, but he writes that he talked to his source again four months ago, and that the former official said he saw Sahhaf on television before the start of the war and recognized him as the person he talked to in 1999."

So even if CBS goes with the forged documents on this issue, we still have a government official of Niger telling US intelligence people that chemical Ali was trying to buy yellowcake uranium.


Football Fans For Truth - Pointing out why Kerry is a geeky doofus

Football Fans For Truth Not only do these guys accuse Kerry of throwing like a girl (and backing it up with a picture) they point to example after example that he is neither a sports fan or a sportsman. An excerpt:

I'll tell you what happened tonight that will be remembered. The Boston Red Sox moved to within 2.5 games of the New York Yankees."
At the time of Kerry's speech,however, the Red Sox had not moved up in the standings. While they won that night, so did the Yankees, and the Sox remained 3.5 games back. And John Kerry accuses Bush of misleading the American people?

I can hear that chant now: Kerry Lied .... Red Sox Tied!!!


Kerry Continues to try to pass himself off as a regular guy.

This article entitled John Kerry: Hunter, Dreamer, realist is another example of Kerry trying to re-invent himself. No matter how much of a hunter you think he is, don't forget his record of near straight F's by the NRA.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004


Gore campaign rejected allegations similar to CBS report

Gore campaign rejected allegations similar to CBS report, former campaign chief says
If crazy Algore rejected the "memos" Kerry should have stayed way away.


Is Kerry Kidding?

My Way - News Kerry on the war reminds me of the Tom Hanks SNL character "Mr. Short Term Memory." The guy who forgets everything he says and does ten seconds later. Even people that pay no attention to politics are saying - wasn't he for/against the war a week ago????? Thanks for playing, flipper.

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