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Outsourcing Anxiety Belies Facts

We outsource only a fraction of "insorced jobs." It's about time this story hit the MSM. Outsourcing of jobs is done by companies in order to produce goods or services cheaper. The consequence of this is cheaper goods and services for the American public. Unfortunately, John Kerry does not understand this. He thinks outsourcing is done to line the pockets of the business owners in this country, who are so callus they dont care about American workers. In a way he is right, the business owners are actually all the stockholders, and since most working Americans have investments in retirement accounts, more profit means more money for those people.

In the past year, employers have eliminated about 300,000 jobs in United States in favor of cheaper labor in other countries, Chao said.

Yet about 9 million Americans currently work for U.S. subsidiaries of foreign-owned companies, she said

"We understand the concern and the anxiety on this issue," Chao said. "My point also is we live and work in a worldwide economy. ... If we isolate ourselves from this worldwide economy, we will put in jeopardy the 9 million jobs that Americans currently hold" in foreign-owned companies.


Did You Know Saddam Was Also Bribing UN Officials to Get the Sanctions Lifted?

Hidden amongst all the articles droning on about a lack of stockpiles of WMDs is this AP article. It appears someone actually read the report and it had some other interesting things in it. Most notably - Saddam was attempting to bribe UN officials to lift the sanctions on his country. Knowing how corrupt the oil-for-food program was, it seems he probably had or would have had many takers on these bribes. See if you read this in the NY or LA Times - doubt it.


Read the Report - Forget the Headlines

This BBC article summarizes key points of the report. Watch the headlines trying to spin it so that we are to believe that Iraq and Saddam were "playing nice" and did not have any WMDs which might end up in the wrong hands or might get used against us.

You will likely not read or hear the MSM reporting that the real devil in the details is a plan of short term compliance with the long term goal of rapidly re-starting all the WMD programs once sanctions were lifted. Saddam clearly knew that with the US breathing down his neck, he would never be able to develop the WMD he so desperately wanted. His systematic plan was to break down all his weapons programs but save a critical small amount of information and materials so that as soon as sanctions were lifted he could have his WMD programs up and running in a matter of months. Why is this important? Because we have already been caught once with our pants down and we need to never let it happen again. This report is a damning indictment of Saddam's regime and shows just how calculating and evil this man was. He was willing to let his country suffer through ten to twenty years of starvation and poverty so that he could one day get revenge on his two greatest enemies: Iran and the US.

Saddam Hussein's goal was evading and ultimately ending UN sanctions that severely restricted what he could import into Iraq. The UN oil-for-food programme gave the Iraqi economy a much-needed boost, but not enough to let him re-start a weapons of mass destruction programme

Once he could restart those programmes, his intention was to focus on chemical weapons for use on the battlefield, long-range missiles, and nuclear weapons.

Baghdad undertook a variety of measures to conceal key elements of its nuclear programme from successive UN inspectors, including specific directions from Saddam Hussein to hide and preserve documents

There were at least two instances in which scientists involved in uranium enrichment kept documents and technology. Although apparently acting alone, they did so with the belief and anticipation of resuming uranium enrichment efforts in the future

Iraq appears to have destroyed its hidden biological weapons stocks in 1991 and 1992. However, it kept a few samples that would have been useful in starting a biological weapons programme, and it had a group of scientists knowledgeable about such weapons.

One of Saddam's sons, Uday, tried to obtain chemical weapons for use during the US-led invasion in 2003, but there is no evidence he came into possession of any.

However, Saddam Hussein never abandoned his intentions to resume efforts in chemical weapons when UN sanctions were lifted and conditions were judged favourable.

This report does nothing to take away from the necessity of this war. Indeed, it affirms the Bush doctrine: take them out before they can attack us. In fact, it strengthens the Bush doctrine because now we can see just how maniacal these people can be. The amount of time they are willing to spend in preparation for attack is scary. The 9/11 terrorists planned for at least 5 years, Saddam was willing to lay low for ten years - who is planning right now an attack on US soil in the year 2020? We need to find out now and stop it before it happens, that is for sure.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004


Shots fired into Knoxville Bush/Cheney headquarters

This is just scary. Not only is this an act of desperation, it is pure and simple terrorism. No wonder liberals hate the war on terror - they understand the terrorist and sometimes use terrorist tactics when they feel justified.


Nation in Harms Way Has Different Take on Iraq-Weapons Report

This article from the Pakistan Daily Times sums up the perspective of those who were in grave danger once Saddam fully developed his WMDs. While all the US and European MSM have pounced on the idea that Saddam did not have huge stockpiles of WMD - people directly in harms way apparently see the details sligthly differently.

WASHINGTON: A report to be made public on Wednesday by the top US weapons inspector in Iraq will outline attempts by Saddam Hussein’s government to undermine UN sanctions as part of a plan to produce illicit weapons if those sanctions were lifted, The New York Times reported Tuesday.

...the final version of the document describes new evidence of concerted Iraqi efforts to bypass the sanctions while they were still in place and to undermine international support for them, according to the report

If you are asking yourself - as you sit at home in the heartland - did we do the right thing in Iraq, put yourself within striking distance of short range missiles carrying agent orange, Sarin gas, Ebola virus or nukes. Now how do you feel? And how low is your threshold for taking someone out who has used these weapons in the past and is rumored to be making more? After 9/11 that threshold should be quite low - if you are at all concerned about your mother's safety, that is.


Headlines Misleads Content of Iraq Report Iraq - US inspector at odds with Bush on Iraq weapons Read this headline, then read the story. I'm not sure whoever wrote the headline even skimmed the article. If we are to believe the headline then the report apparently shows that there were no WMD (this does not only include nuclear weapons, it includes the bio weapons), no chance of there ever being WMD and that the entire war did nothing to stop future WMD development or spread to terror agencies. Here are some excerpts, you see if you agree with the conclusion made in the headline.

Duelfer said a risk that has emerged since he last briefed Congress on the status of the WMD hunt was a connection between chemical weapons experts from Saddam’s former regime with insurgents fighting the U.S.-led forces now in Iraq.

“I believe we got ahead of this problem through a series of raids throughout the spring and summer. I am convinced we successfully contained a problem before it matured into a major threat,” Duelfer said.

“Nevertheless, it points to the problem that the dangerous expertise developed by the previous regime could be transferred to other hands,” he said.

Duelfer said that by the time of the war in 2003, Iraq would have been able to produce mustard agent in months and nerve agent in less than a year

One of Saddam’s priorities was to escape U.N. sanctions, he said.

“Over time, sanctions had steadily weakened to the point where Iraq, in 2000-2001 was confidently designing missiles around components that could only be obtained outside sanctions,” Duelfer said

He said Iraq’s nuclear weapons program had deteriorated since the 1991 Gulf War, but he said Saddam did not abandon his nuclear ambitions

OK, now having read that, do you agree with the headline? Correct answer: NO. Have we done, and are we doing the right thing in Iraq? Correct answer: YES. Why? Correct answer: Because WMD in the form of chemical, biological or nuclear weapons in Saddam's hands would have been a danger to the entire middle east, the US and to Europe. This guy was no doubt a madman with a huge grudge against the US. Those of you who thinks we should have kept going with sanctions and inspectors are really kidding yourselves.


Another Kerry Campaign Platform Comes Crashing Down.

Kerry says Franco-German troops unlikely Well I guess we won't be hearing any more criticisms from Kerry about our coalition - don't Bet On It. So now we have at least two major Kerry campaign platforms which have been outright defeated. The first - as posted below - was when Iran said they would refuse any "help" from the US with regards to their nuclear fuel/weapons. Now Kerry's constant claim that all our "friends" in Europe would suddenly join the war in Iraq when he was elected turns out to be false - and he admits it. What's next, is he going to announce that he is really not going to raise taxes? Not socialize medical care? Not shut down bunker busting bombs?

Tuesday, October 05, 2004


Kerry Looking For Approval From ET Before Defending America

Kerry should not speak unless he has his cheat sheet with him.

"But I can do a better job of protecting America's security because the test that I was talking about was a test of legitimacy, not just in the globe, but elsewhere

Exactly where is elsewhere if not on the globe? This is silly. A test of ligitimacy is the same as asking for permission. It is very clear that under a Kerry presidency, we would not take action against terrorists plotting against us unless we had a permission slip signed by the UN and Europe.


CIA to Report on Iraq Oil Vouchers

Wall Street Journal catches onto the oil-for-food scandal. This article sites that Saddam was indeed trying to acquire/build illegal weapons!!!! Wake up people, that cute cuddly mustache is hiding a made man.

WASHINGTON -- A new intelligence report on the search for Iraq's illicit weapons lists hundreds of individuals and companies who, before the U.S. invasion last year, received vouchers from Saddam Hussein to purchase Iraqi oil at below-market prices, officials familiar with the report said.
The 1,400-page report by Central Intelligence Agency weapons inspector Charles Duelfer, which is scheduled to be made public Wednesday, doesn't reach a conclusion about whether use of the vouchers violated international sanctions or an individual country's laws. But it asserts that Mr. Hussein personally managed the effort and used some of the proceeds, which exceeded $1 billion in 2002, for illegal-weapons procurement, the officials said. .................

Just think what the world would be like if we didn't invade Iraq. Nuclear war would be a reality.

The article also points out that several other countries were involved in this scandal.,,SB109694184222836246,00.html?mod=home_whats_news_us

Monday, October 04, 2004


New Documents Show Saddam Possessed WMD, Had Extensive Terror Ties

Exclusive: Saddam Possessed WMD, Had Extensive Terror Ties -- 10/04/2004 If these documetns are true then case closed, war justified. I'm not sure why the intelligence department would hold onto them until now and then release them to an internet news service. Keep an eye on this one.


Offensive help coming in 2005 for Wildcats

Offensive help coming in 2005 for Wildcatsn Something more to look forward to for you Wildcat fans. Stoops was hitting the recruiting trail hard before the season started. He already has verbal commitments from several top players.

It would be difficult to ask a bunch of freshmen to make a difference, but the Wildcats have received verbal commitments from several big-time offensive weapons. Arizona has 14 known commitments, 10 on the offensive side of the ball.

Among the most prominent catches is Tuitama, a four-star recruit and the No. 7 QB nationally, according to Rivals. He has not put up gaudy numbers, but a suspect offensive line can be blamed for much of his problems.

UA is going with a three-pronged rushing attack with Mike Bell, Gilbert Harris and Chris Henry sharing time.

All three will come back next year, and they will be joined by Sunnyside's Xavier Smith and Peoria Centennial's Terry Longbons, the state's top running backs

I really can't remember hearing such good things about any incoming Wildcat football class. Buy your season tickets now before they are harder to get than basketball tickets.


Kerry Lies About Vetrans' Benefits

This Wall Street Journal article details the TRUTH about veterans' benefits.

The problem is that these attacks have little basis in fact. When Mr. Bush took office the VA was operating like the Canadian health care system. Swamped with more patients than it could handle, the VA let vets languish on long waiting lists. Of the 3.8 million veterans then relying on Uncle Sam for health care, 300,000 waited six months or more for an initial doctor's visit or a referral to a specialist. Now there are more than five million vets being cared for each year and the waiting list is down to 3,000--a 99% improvement. The VA budget will top $70 billion next year, up from $48 billion four years ago. VA medical spending alone will reach $26.9 billion this year, up from $20.2 billion in 2001.

Accusing W of cutting the VA and veterans' benefits is like saying this is the worst economy since the great depression - only an idiot would say such things (and Kerry). Truth just does not matter when the election is close and the democrats are up against the ropes.


MSM Still A Few Weeks Behind Fox News - Oil For Food Scandal Continues : U.S. Hopes to Lift U.N. Veil of Secrecy I blogged on this back at the old blog (Half-Assed Blog) on 8/9/04. Since some time before that Fox News has been reporting on the corruption of the Kofi Annan Oil for Food program. Back then, the links to France, Russia and China were circumstantial. The fact that these countries systematically blocked any effort to review the program, or take serious action aganist Saddam piles on more evidence of their participation.

"As the program developed, it became increasingly apparent the French, Russian, and Chinese had much to gain from maintaining the status quo," the committee staff said in a briefing memo on the hearing released Friday. "Their businesses made billions of dollars through their involvement with the Hussein regime and the OFFP," referring to the oil-for-food program.

No wonder these countries love Kerry. I'm sure that after a "global test" taken by France, Russia and China, no change would have been made to the oil for food program or the Saddam appeasement.


Kerry Wants To Give Iran Nuclear Fuel - Iran Does Not Want IT

Iran dismisses Kerry's nuclear proposal - Kerry and Edwards suggested it would be a good idea to give Iran nuclear fuel for their power plant reactors in exchange for full cooperation with weapons inspectors and for dismantling their nuclear weapons. Not only is that just the worst idea I have ever heard (imagine all the Iraq appeasement leading up to the war while at the same time supplying them with nuclear fuel) but now Iran says they don't even want our help. Why should they, apparently they already have the fuel and the means to do whatever they want with the nuclear material.

Iranian foreign ministry spokesman Hamid Reza Asefi said that it would be "irrational" for Iran to jeopardize its nukes program by depending on supplies from abroad.

"We have the technology (to make nuclear fuel) and there is no need for us to beg from others," Asefi said at a weekly news conference.

“This suggestion is good for countries that do not have this technology, but we do not need their generosity and help." He added.

Additionally, Iran had this to say about Kerry's idea of a coalition to persuade Iran to disarm and de-nukify

In his debate with Bush, Kerry said that the United States should have joined a British-French-German diplomatic initiative that aimed at convincing Iran to halt activities related to the enrichment of uranium.

Asefi also said that Iran could not trust any agreement with the West to supply it with reactor fuel.

So, John, not only does Iran not want your "generosity" but they don't trust any coalition from the west, no matter how much support it has from your best friends - France and Germany. It seems clear to me (and to Iran) a "give Iran nuclear fuel so that they won't make nuclear weapons" is ludicrous.


Welcome Teacher

We now have the team complete. The teacher can now join in on the conversation.



DRUDGE REPORT 2004� Another hat tip to the blogosphere who will not let anything past them. All weekend, discussions on what Kerry pulled from his pocket as the debate started. The debate rules (see linked story) specifically state that neither candidate can have a cheat sheet and they were supposed to have submitted all paper and pens which they wanted with them on the podium to the debate committee prior to the debate.

When pressed on the fact that even brandishing a pen from his jacket would have violated debate rules, the Kerry staffer laughed, adding, "See you at the inauguration, Drudge".

Whatever it takes to win. If you haven't read Hugh Hewitt's book he details the never ending cheating.

Sunday, October 03, 2004


MSNBC - Bush rips Kerry on 'global test' remark

MSNBC - Bush rips Kerry on 'global test' remark

Kerry spokesman Phil Singer defended Kerry's comment by saying: "The global test is not asking for a permission slip. It's making sure that your decisions stand up to scrutiny and are backed by facts."

Again, scrutiny by whom. No doubt that he want to stand up to scrutiny by France, Germany and Russia. Kerry stepped into a large pile of democratic dung on this one. He has proved that he really does want the permission of the global community before we defend ourselves against the next 9-11.


MSNBC - Bush rips Kerry on 'global test' remark

MSNBC - Bush rips Kerry on 'global test' remark

"When our country's in danger the president's job is not to take an international poll. The president's job is to defend America," Bush said.

Where was this zinger during the debate. Some have hypothesized that Bush didn't want to seem to mean.

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