Friday, October 15, 2004


Midnight Madness

The madness begins tonight at McKale Center. Basketball, and some athletic respect begins tonight at McKale Center. I do not currently have season tickets but I hear that if I promise my first born son to the UA's genetic enginerring laboratory, I can get on the waiting list and maybe get tickets sometime around 2045. Oh yea, the cats play Oregon this weekend.


Red squirrelly Be Damned - The Telescope Is Up

LARGE BINOCULAR TELESCOPE: Nearly ready to gaze It's nearly official - the large telescope on Mt. Graham is up and running and should be complete with binocular vision of the stars by next year. Those of you who attended UA during the late 80s/early 90s will remember the never ending attack on building this one of a kind telescope. This was a classic crazy environmentalist protest being waged. First they got some outside the mainstream "expert" to say that building the telescope would cause the already endangered red squirrel to become extinct. Never mind the fact that the telescope footprint on Mt. Gram is the equivalent of a postage stamp on a football field. It turned out that the red squirrel numbers (as counted by the number of poop piles found in any given area - how would you like to have that job?) actually increased as building of the telescope went ahead.
With the red squirrel issue dead (pun intended), the environmentalists then got a rogue group of Native Americans to claim that the telescope was on an ancient burial ground or holy site, or something. Well it turned out that the main tribe came out and said that was not the case. However that did not keep the government and the UA from spending countless more money just to defend the telescope.
Finally, just to add insult to injury, twice the telescope was in danger of being burned to the ground in the devastating wildfires Arizona has suffered in the last two years.
But the telescope stands and will be fully functional shortly. Thank god some reason prevailed here. This scope is a technological leap for space viewing (and probably another reason our hemp-wearing friends don't like it). Forward thinking inventions and ideas usually do prevail in our country and make our lives better, easier and more informed. Unfortunately, those who claim to be enlightened can be counted on to slow - not block - the steady forward movement of progress. I'm sure the predecessors of today's protest movement were at some point against the evil military and government building of the internet, which they use today to organize and spread their protests. Someday, when my grandson is a proud Wildcat, I wonder if he will come home and tell me about the protesters who are demonstrating so that the government intervenes in the slow decay of a star a million light years away - something they only know because of what they see through the Mt. Graham telescope.

Some excerpts from the article:

"It's a sad day for anyone who believes that the University of Arizona cares
about ethics, biology, cultural protection and religious freedom," said longtime
project foe Robin Silver, conservation chairman for the Center for Biological

Poor Robin, after having lost EVERY SINGLE CASE against the Mt. Graham scope isn't this just sour grapes.


It took congressional intervention in 1988 for the university to get
construction authorized, then again in 1996 to get it resumed after a court

In all, there were some 40 lawsuits, many generated by
environmentalists on behalf of an endangered red squirrel and by members of the
San Carlos Indian Tribe who believe Mount Graham is sacred.

Eight of the
lawsuits ended up before a federal appeals court. The university
ultimately prevailed in all

And the telescope and mountain
observatory have survived two major forest fires in eight years, the most recent
one this summer.

Thursday, October 14, 2004


DNC Preparing for Loss

DRUDGE has posted this bombshell from the DNC election day manual. Basically, it is instructing members to complain of intimidation even if none exists. They are calling it a "pre-emptive strike", I call it lying and cheating.

66-page mobilization plan to be issued by the Kerry/Edwards campaign and the Democratic National Committee states: "If no signs of intimidation techniques have emerged yet, launch a 'pre-emptive strike.'"

Just as Hugh Hewitt puts it "If it's not close, they cant cheat..."


Unusual substance found on U of A football team's skin

Dateline Tucson, AZ......

A unusual substance has turned up on the skin of U of A football team. The greasy substance has the consistency, sheen, and properties of a slippery oil. Scientists at the U of A have confirmed the findings, and have a suspicion that extra Crisco or other type cooking oil is being added to their meals. This would account for the numerous fumbles in the red zone, leading to U of A's constant loses.

Witnesses have reported seeing an man, 6 feet tall (6'6" counting two protruding pointy objects from his scull) leaving the team kitchen on a weekly basis. He is reddish in color, possibly native American. Police are saying this man is an investigative lead, not a suspect at this time.


Kerry advisors know how to move mouths also...blah, blah, blah

On Tuesday, October 12th, I was an attendee at the Economic Club of Phoenix luncheon. The luncheon had a panel discussion on economics and politics. The panelist were Bill Seidman (CNBC chief commentator), Bob Middlestat (ASU Business School Dean) and Jason Furman (Kerry Economic Advisor). The panelist got up 1 by 1 and discussed what they thought were the major economic issues, and some potential solutions, except for Mr. Furman, who seemed to concentrate on bashing President Bush, and talk about John Kerry's Vietnam record. I would have expected kerry's economic advisor to actually talk about the issues in detail, especially given the audience were high level CEO's, CFO's and community leaders. Again, no details, just sound bites.

The Kerry camp spent more time Kerry’s Vietnam record than his economic plan.

In fact Mr. Furman got so off base that the audience became visibly and verbally upset. Many muttered whether this was a democratic rally or something. The moderator had to cut off Mr. Furman because he wasn’t answering the questions. Ah yes, the mouth was moving, but nothing was coming out. What else is new?

I would have expected more from a Harvard Graduate, and known economist. What's the matter Jason, state school wasn't good enough for you!?

The other panelists did a good job (don't know their political affiliations) answering the questions and suggesting ideas. Unfortunately the Kerry camp suggested nothing, gave nothing, and I left with nothing, except having a tasty lunch at the Biltmore...Umm, bacon wrapped chicken. And that's what you'll get if Kerry is elected; bacon wrapped chicken... I mean NOTHING!

By the way, interesting note I heard the other day. Kerry in his speeches continually mentions that he will tax the wealthy like himself (Mr. Furman mentioned this about 100 times also). He's been quoted saying he is fortunate and should pay higher taxes to support the middle class. Uh oh!. Well someone dug into his tax returns and saw that Senor Kerry & Heinz only paid an average tax rate of 12.4%. Hmm, for all you rocket scientists out there, that means the kerry/Heinz's used an awful lot of tax loopholes to avoid paying taxes, and would not be subject to the increased tax rates. The middleclass will be hit again, affording loopholes for the billionaire Kerry’s. Umm, Ketchup.....

Also, if Kerry is elected, what will his wife be called. First lady Kerry or First lady Heinz? or Kerry Heinz or Heinz-Kerry? Who is she, and what has she done with the head of Alfredo Garcia?


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I see your mouth moving.....

Ah, where do I start with last nights debate. First with Senor ( a little AZ twist) Kerry. I saw your mouth moving, but all I heard was BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. Again, Herman Munster gave no details on any of his objectives. Kerry talked again about lost jobs and a stop to outsourcing. Let's examine his prescription drug policy ( the Doctor may want to weigh in on this). If you allow US citizens to purchase drugs (prescription) from other countries such as Canada & Mexico isn't that the equivalent of outsourcing the pharmaceutical industry? Given prices are quite a bit lower outside the US, wouldn't everyone taking medicine buy (mail delivery for no border residents) from Canada or Mexico? This would then mean Pharmacies aren't making money, and all those employed by the pharmacies. This would lead to loss of jobs and an increase in unemployment.

Now if everyone buys outside the US, that means profit margins are lowered for the large American phatmaceutical firms. With less money they hire less employees, decrease the usage of outside firms to supply products and services, again leading to layoffs and increased unemployment.

Shareholders will demand a higher return on their investments from the pharmaceutical firms which leads to one of two decisions. First, raise prices globally to increase profit margins. This would lead to a higher price level globally, ensuring nobody gets affordable prescription drugs. Second, a complete outsourcing of the pharmaceutical industry to low cost producing countries (i.e. China, India, Guadalupe?) Albeit, drug prices are to high in the US and we should not be subsidizing the world, but Herman's, I mean Kerry's plan is not well thought out. It's a marketing sound bite that catches the attention of those who get all their news (and thinking) from the liberal media.

I can go on much longer, but steam is coming out my ears......................

Wednesday, October 13, 2004


Just in Case Kerry is Still Wondering: Germany Says No.

No German Troops is still the word out of Germany. Unchanged from my previous posts. Apparently John Kerry needs to read more. Maybe he should call on his unnamed foreign leaders to tell them to quit making him look like an idiot by saying things that make his "plan" to rebuild a coalition and get France and Germany to join the war look impossible.

``The position of the federal government on Iraq is very clear and won't be changed,'' government spokesman Thomas Steg told a regular news conference in Berlin, citing comments by Schroeder to a cabinet meeting today. ``There will be no German soldiers in Iraq.''

What Kerry seems to not understand is that Schroeder and everyone else has heard him criticize the war in the most harshest of terms. I think it was one of Bush's strongest points against Kerry (although not delivered as strong) - that you can't call a war wrong, mismanaged, a quagmire and then out of the other side of your mouth, ask countries to send money and put their troops in harms way. Think of it this way, you have just sat down to dinner, the person next to you bites into the food, throws up, nearly chokes to death, tells you how horrible the food tastes and then says "do you want some?" I'm getting a no from France and Germany...


NATO Agrees to Deploy 300 Trainers to Iraq (has the US been coercing and bribing again?)

The New York Times buried this article. Another example that things in Iraq are going better than the MSM would have you believe. Actions do speak louder than words and when NATO decides to start sending help to Iraq, it's not because it is less safe or that the effort is going poorly. NATO cannot afford to wage a war or loose equipment and troops so they would not be announcing this unless their own investigation said it was safe.

A senior NATO official said the first wave of trainers, from countries like the United States, Britain, Denmark and Norway, could begin arriving at a new training academy southeast of Baghdad as early as late November

the NATO role will be mainly to train senior non-commissioned officers and more senior officers in command-and-control procedures. "Our niche will be leadership training," said a NATO diplomat. All training of Iraqi security forces will fall under Lt. Gen. David H. Petraeus of the Army.

However, there were the usual suspect dissenters.

Some nations, including France, Belgium and Germany, initially raised objections to NATO training Iraqis inside of Iraq, citing security concerns and a suspicion that the training could grow into a combat operation

Poor France and Germany - still trying to undermine the effort with a pipe dream of the Oil-For-Food program cash cow being brought back to life.

Oh, by the way, NATO is also kicking in to help Afghanistan out.

As part of the allies' overall strategy for Afghanistan, NATO is planning to add two new civil-military teams, called provincial reconstruction teams, in western Afghanistan, bringing the total number of such units that provide security and economic spark in the country to 21. Seven of those teams would be run by NATO; the others by individual countries, mostly the United States. Canada and Italy expressed interest at the meeting in providing personnel for the new teams in the west, a senior NATO official said.

The next time John Kerry - as quoted on the nightly news - tells you the war is going horribly and that we don't have a coalition, remember he is not only dead wrong but he is terribly degrading the work, sacrifice and determination of men and women from all over the globe in an effort to fight terrorism and deliver Iraq from evil.

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Chechen Terrorists Crossed Arizona Border

This is really no big surprise.04 We have just been waiting for the terrorists to smarten up and cross the sieve we call the border. This border is clearly one of the easiest of all to cross. As a college student we routinely crossed at the border checkpoint without so much as a glance from the overworked border patrol. As an adult I have witnessed the increase in illegal Mexican nationals, now referred to as "day laborers". Securing this border has been blocked in a big way by liberal groups who say that making that border harder to cross is somehow discriminating against Hispanic people. Let's hope that in the fight to protect the rights of border crossing criminals we don't have to suffer a terrorist attack to realize that our safety is more important than being illegal alien-friendly.

Monday, October 11, 2004


UA Goes Down Fighting

Note to UA: Catch ball Another loss but putting up 17 in the Rose Bowl and having been a few catches away from a close game is not too bad for a struggling team. It's up to Stoops to prove to this team that they can win. With a tough remainder of the Pac-10 schedule left, that will not be easy. The good news from the game:

"UA's troubled offense actually outgained UCLA 351-348 with a season-high 258 yards on the ground - 6.6 yards per carry. Tailback Mike Bell rushed for a season-high 134 yards on 21 carries, Gilbert Harris added 74 yards, and Chris Henry scored a pair of touchdowns"


What You Won't Here On the News

WorldNetDaily: U.S. military sees good news in Iraq Apparently things are getting better in Iraq. No doubt that all you might here on the news is the continuing violence in one small part of Iraq. A combination of sensationalism and a liberal slant has made this kind of news almost impossible to report in the MSM. Incredibly, some have suggested that reporting good news in Iraq would be seen as pandering to the Bush campaign. So I guess that not reporting the good and over-reporting the bad is somehow neutral - I think not.


Bush-Cheney Offices Attacked

Be careful if you are working at a Bush-Cheney office. Apparently shooting holes in the front window of a Bush-Cheney office was not good enough. Now AFL-CIO protestors are intimidating elderly staffers and breaking limbs of others.

Last week, in Orlando, Fla., approximately 60 union protestors stormed and ransacked the local Bush-Cheney headquarters causing considerable damage and injuring one campaign staffer, who suffered a broken wrist

Orlando's fracas was mirrored in Miami, where police reported that more than 100 union protestors stormed the Bush-Cheney office and shoved volunteers aside. No one was charged because most of the protestors left before the police arrived. In Tampa, about 35 protestors filled the local GOP office and intimidated the elderly volunteers working there.

And what does the AFL-CIO have to say about these out of control, violent mobs.

Esmerelda Aguilar, an AFL-CIO spokesman, says Republicans are "trying to politicize [the Orlando incident] and exaggerate the event." She maintains that all of the demonstrations "were peaceful protests" designed to call attention to new Bush administration regulations on overtime pay

I wonder how Esmerelda defines peaceful.

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