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Wildcats vs. Cal Tonight

The Tucson Citizen evaluates why UA doesn't stand a chance against Cal. These guys have a big game in them. We barely lost to Wisconsin, who is still undefeated. I'll keep dreaming.


Exactly Who is Being disenfranchised?

Many Republican early voters are complaining of polling place harassment and bullying. Hmmmm. This seems to be fitting a pattern of harassment, vandalism, and violence. Apparently the one thing worse than a women scorned is the Left when they are loosing.

One woman who voted early in Boca Raton, at the Southwest County Regional Library, complained that as she stood in line, two men behind her were "trashing our president," Fletcher said, declining to identify the woman. She tried to ignore them. Then the man touched her arm and said, "Who are you voting for?"

"I said, `I don't think that's an appropriate question,'" the woman said she responded.

"Uh oh! We have a Bush supporter here," screamed the man behind her.

For the 2 1/2 hours she had to wait in line, she was heckled by the man. As they neared the voting room, someone in the rear of the line yelled, "I sure hope everyone here is voting for Kerry!" she reported.

That's when the man behind her held his hand over her head and screamed, "We have a Republican right here!" There were "boos and jeers" from the crowd.

"I felt intimidated, harassed and threatened!" the woman wrote in her complaint to the Republican Party.

Elaine Fandino complained to the Republican Party that she took her mother to vote on South Military Trail in Palm Beach County and was confronted by 25 people supporting John Kerry for president. The crowd was "very angry and used foul language," she reported. She said the man next to her said, "Where's my shotgun?"


Immigrant From Iraq Thinks the Left is Waging a Saddam Like Campaign

What Saddam Politics 101 Has to Teach Us by Ayad Rahim. This article is a must read and takes my previous assertions that the Left is getting dangerously violent to a new level. The author details the rise to power of Saddam and the Baath party and how they used demonization on the same level that the Left is demonizing American Leaders now.

Nevertheless, the demonization from the left has been more striking. Bush, his administration and its policies are not merely criticized, they are viewed as intentional and absolute enemies of humanity, the environment, the economy and freedom, people whose every word and deed is impugned with nefarious motives and purposeful ill will. Witness the slanders in Michael Moore's movie, its popularity and the plethora of Bush-bashing books in the market. Some say, this is politics as usual. However, it's not only a matter of disagreement; it has reached the level of dehumanization and demonization - a campaign of vilification that's resulted in reflexive, unthinking hostility, with the consequent potential for doing harm to the lives of the people thus demonized.

In the Arab world, that is essentially what prevails, a demonization of Jews, Israel and America, that justifies almost any death and destruction, so long as it's in the name of anti-Zionism, anti-Americanism or anti-imperialism- with nary a peep. The end-goal of Americans doing likewise - of defeating a demonized president - justifies saying almost any and all things about him and his supporters. The forces of hate that are thus unleashed, in spite of the checks in our system, would be, I imagine, difficult to contain.

Just as Jews in Iraq feared for their lives, I now fear for the lives of America's leaders, for they have been so demonized by some, that, given the opportunity, an opponent might feel it his duty to eliminate one of them - not a far stretch from the "call" of jihadis and suicide bombers.

Wow, this is strong stuff, especially since it comes from an Iraqi.


Retired U.S. General Attacks Kerry Over Bin Laden

According to the general in charge, Kerry is clueless about Tora Bora and Bin Laden. First of all the assertion that W has not been tough enough with our military is crazy. Nobody is going to buy this argument. Kerry wants to say that he would have used our military in a different way. This allows him to justify (unsuccessfully in my opinion) his stance previously supporting regime change in Afghanistan AND Iraq, and now constantly criticizing the war. This is Kerry's elite subtlety - if you don't get him you must be uneducated, unsophisticated or god forbid - poor.

As for this article, Tommy Franks who was in charge of operations in Tora Bora basically rips Kerry a new one.

"I was responsible for the operation at Tora Bora, and I can tell you that the senator's understanding of events doesn't square with reality," retired Army Gen. Tommy Franks wrote in a commentary published by The New York Times.

Actually the senators understanding of most things don't square with reality. But I digress...

General Franks went on:

"We don't know to this day whether Mr. bin Laden was at Tora Bora in December 2001. Some intelligence sources said he was; others indicated he was in Pakistan at the time; still others suggested he was in Kashmir," wrote Franks, who led the invasions of Afghanistan and later Iraq as chief of the U.S. military's Central Command.

"Tora Bora was teeming with Taliban and Qaeda operatives, many of whom were killed or captured, but Mr. bin Laden was never within our gasp."

The most ridiculous claim is that we 'outsourced' the operation in Tora Bora. I can't even make a good analogy here, but however you might define outsourcing, using Afgan fighters to guide operations through a mountain maze while American planes bombed Al Qaeda into oblivion is not outsourcing. In fact, using local fighters who know their way around and who may have even more to gain from getting Bin Laden and stomping Al Qaeda seems like a smart move.

Franks contended that the American military did not outsource military action, although "we did rely heavily on Afghans because they knew Tora Bora."

Let us never forget which democrat president refused Bin Laden on a silver platter - TWICE. (For you ASU students, the answer is Bill Clinton)

Friday, October 22, 2004


Democrats - Showing They Are Idiots At The University of Arizona

I'm so proud to be an Arizona alum. The violence on the part of the extreme Left has gone too far. In years past we might have blown off a pie throwing incident at a political rally. This year, however, we have had shots fired into Bush/Cheney offices, Bush/Cheney workers sent to the hospital with broken limbs and untold vandalization. I was looking for an article about a Republican who attacked or vandalized a democratic anything - that article doesn't exist. This wave of hate crimes by the left is just another example of their extreme hypocrisy and an attitude of anything to win.

Update: The video of these two jackasses trying to pie Ann Coulter is here.

Thursday, October 21, 2004


Four Geese in Two Hours - Yea Right

Desperate democrats try to hide Kerry's elite billionaire status. If you hunt, enough said. If not then let me tell you how this is just such bull. First of all, a goose hunt starts at the crack of dawn (in the field by 6am), not after you get up at 7am. Second of all, unless you are unbelievably lucky you don't spend two hours hunting and wind up with four geese. Add in time to walk out to the blind, set up your decoys and then wait for birds - I'd say they spent about 45 minutes actually hunting - thats one bird every ten minutes.

Kerry bought the nonresident license and a special wetlands habitat stamp, which lets him hunt waterfowl.

I looked it up. A nonresident hunting license is $125 and the waterfowl stamp is $15. That's $140 for two hours of hunting. Any of you have an extra $70 per hour to go hunting?

Kerry's aides said he spent about two hours hunting at a blind set up in a cornfield. More than two dozen journalists were invited to the farm outside of Youngstown to see Kerry emerge from the field, but none witnessed Kerry taking any shots.

Hmmmm. Nobody saw Kerry take any shots?...

He stayed up late cheering his hometown team onto victory, then got up for a 7 a.m. hunting trip at a supporter's produce farm.

Right, is he fooling anybody.



Ah, now we are starting to see the true Theresa Heinz-Kerry. Not sure if anyone caught her comments about Laura Bush's work experience. The question is, did she truly not know Laura Bush was a teacher and librarian for 10 years, or is she just trying to save face. Also, for being a billionaire, her use of the english language is horrific (not that mine is any better, but I'm not a billionaire yet).

Tuesday, October 19, 2004


Medpundit Backs Up Everything I Pointed Out About Kerry's disastrous Health Care Reform

Medpundit agrees that health care reform in the form of a giant government program is a terrible idea. It is already being tried in Tennessee as TenCare.

But like most things that sound too good to be true, it is. We don't have to imagine what would happen under Kerry's Medicaid expansion plan. All we have to do is look south, to Tennessee to see the Kerry plan in live action. Since 1994, Tennessee has provided state-funded healthcare with the same eligibility requirements as the Kerry plan. Nine years later the state's governor was calling it the dragon that eats everything, and financial management consultants were warning that by 2008 the program would consume $9 out of every $10 in new revenue taken in by the state. That's a lot of money, money that won't be available for other essential state-provided services.

And yet, despite spending all of that money, Tenncare patients still end up getting the shaft. In the grand American tradition, the program shunned rationing, covering everything from lava lamps to MRI's. The programs generosity, however, did not include doctors and hospitals, whose reimbursement rates are so low that seeing Tenncare patients is a losing proposition. As a result, access to care is a very real problem for Tenncare patients, some of whom have to drive 40 miles just to see a doctor. (And keep in mind, those are mountain miles.)

And what about the children? Only 19% of pediatricians in Tennessee accept Tenncare, the lowest participation rate of any state in the union. As a result, over one-third of children enrolled in Tenncare have trouble finding a doctor. That's a very real problem. And one that's much more serious and damaging to a child's health than lack of insurance.

Scary. No coincidence this rhymes with Kerry.

Monday, October 18, 2004


Football Fans for Truth Looks Into Kerry's Marathon Running - Or Marathon Lies

Football Fans for Truth has a very interesting page on Kerry's claim that he ran the Boston Marathon. If you are a runner or know an avid runner, you know Boston is the end-all of marathons. No one forgets when they ran it and how long it took. This has all the trappings of the standard Kerry lie: try to seem like a normal guy, don't give too many details, leave yourself an out (I ran unofficially and therefore there are no records). I wonder if he ran it on Christmas or in Cambodia?


Kerry's Medical Reform Plan Will Lead to Even Less People Getting Flu Vaccine

Kerry is definitely getting desperate. He and his running mate have repeatedly blamed Bush for the flu vaccine shortage. First of all, this is just pathetic, ridiculous campaign spin. It really doesn't justify a response. There is a deeper issue though. It has to do with Kerry's wanting to "reform" the health care system. And by "reform" Kerry means make it one big government program. Watch out for this because the only thing worse than "managed care" is "government managed care". And this is one of the big reasons why we do not want to put Kerry in office.

In my training and practice I have worked with doctors from Canada, Germany, Ireland, Sweden, Italy, Russia, Israel and France. All of these countries have one form or another of socialized healthcare. The one constant is that the more the government pays for health care, the more rationed it becomes. A close friend who practiced orthopedics in Canada for many years tells of having to wait up to two years before people are able to get a knee replacement. By the time they make it to the operating room, their knees are so bad that the surgery becomes technically more difficult leading to poorer patient functional outcome. In addition, years of taking anti-inflammatories and narcotics for the pain lead to increases in bleeding ulcers and tolerance to the pain medicine we use after surgery. Enough people die in the two year waiting period (attrition), or go south and have the surgery done in the US by paying out of pocket, that the Canadian government saves having to pay for a significant number of surgeries. Additionally, many of these people pass a certain age or develop other medical problems. The government then tells those people that a knee replacement is "not indicated" for them.

The socialization of health care also leads to the use of rigid algorithms which are produced by the government and mandatory for use by the physicians. Medical judgment gets thrown right out the window. Medicines and procedures are rationed to those who will apparently derive the most benefit. Usually this means that as you get older, less and less medical care is available to you. It also means that more tests are done on younger patients without utilizing critical judgment. As an example, a friend of mine who was spending a year teaching English in Germany fell and hurt her knee while playing soccer. She went to the emergency room where she received an MRI! Any credible sports medicine doctor will tell you that with the exception of the professional athlete, no person needs an emergent MRI for a sports injury. I and most thoughtful orthopods treat the injury symptomatically, prescribe therapy when the patient can tolerate, and if symptoms persist and the patient is interested in a possible surgery, we get the MRI. I estimate that we do an MRI for one out of every 100 (or less frequently) knee injuries which come to the emergency room.

Medical liability reform is also so very important to good care. We know W will take on this issue but the Kerry-Edwards duo is never going to bite the hand that feeds them (lawyers groups) or that fed them (juries and unlimited settlements). Two specific examples of how liability issues have lead to less and inefficient heath care. First, as a medical student I met many doctors who volunteered their time by serving on missions to foreign countries. My thoughts were that their service was admirable but that many people here in the United States needed their care. I finally confronted one surgeon about this. His response was surprising and nothing I was ready for. He told me that many doctors who have volunteered in inner cities or free clinics have had their generosity repaid by being sued by their patients. Some have nearly lost their practices. Overseas volunteer work puts the doctor at much less liability risk and is therefore preferred by many. Second, several years ago I was on call for the ER. A patient came in reporting back pain after a fall. He had previously had spine surgery more than ten years earlier and had not had any problems with it until now. The MD in the ER determined that the patient had no fracture, no nerve or spinal cord injury and was not in need of admission to the hospital. The radiologist MD confirmed the ER doctor's finding of no fracture or other problem on the X-ray. So the ER doctor called me down to the ER to consult on this patient. Why? In his words "it's a medico-legal thing." He then explained that all he really wanted was for me to see the patient and agree with his assessment of no neurologic deficit. Sounds nice but the fee for a surgical subspecialty consult is about $1000 - quite an expensive CYA (for the patient, insurance company and YOU).

Finally, in the last debate, Kerry said you could choose to join in his government program or choose your own. This over-simplification of the consequence of having a huge government-run health care system is missing the fact that most people get their health care insurance through work. Most employers today cannot afford to offer more than one or two plans to their employees and even then, the employee generally pays a big share of the premium. Now the government comes along with a super-cheap (but bad) plan. Next year, your employer will jump on the lower cost plan and leave you with little or no choice. As employers drop private plans, the cost of those plans will rise. The gap between private insurance and government insurance will become very wide making private insurance a luxury item. This is the case in several other countries where only the very rich can afford private health care. Government health care also reimburses hospitals, doctors, nursing homes, therapy facilities, laboratories, and radiology facilities poorly. Since these institutions no longer have market forces driving them (no matter what they do they get paid the same amount) quality, service and compassion are lost. Your health care becomes a post-office type disaster of disgruntled employees, long waits, and mediocre service.

We all know John Kerry is the wrong leader abroad and on the war on terror. But his plan for your health care will hit every single American, not just those unfortunate souls who are in the wrong place at the next wrong time. Bush has been clear about medical liability reform. He has been a clear market minded president. The answer to the healthcare problem is not another government plan. The answer is government in a limited role to keep the poorest among us from suffering and to encourage market forces to produce affordable and available healthcare. For those who want healthcare, programs like medical savings accounts, liability reform, tax incentives and corporate accountability will help make healthcare more available. Oh yea, almost forgot the flu vaccine. How many people do you think will get the flu vaccine when the government is rationing it?

NOTE: Just saw the 250 word limit - sorry Hugh.


Kerry's Wife Pays Fraction of Tax Rate for Weathiest Americans

Heinz Kerry Paid Lower Tax Rate Than Most Taxpayers Following up on the businessman's previous post is this from Drudge. This is one of my favorite arguments to have with liberals who want to raise taxes. I always ask how much more in taxes they voluntarily sent to the government, since you can send in any amount you want. The answer is always none. Why is this? It is because liberals don't want to pay more taxes themselves, they want YOU to pay more taxes. Maybe we should have a two armed tax system. The liberals can pay at a tax rate of 50% and continue to do nothing with their money. The conservatives can pay 10% and create jobs, good and services, and in turn, create tax revenue. The libertarians can pay their 1% for highways and boarder protection and spend the rest of their money at the weekly gun show at the coliseum.

On her "remaining 'taxable' income of $2.29 million, Mrs. Kerry paid $627,150 in taxes, for an overall average federal tax rate of only 12.4% on her $5.07 million in total income." This "puts Mrs. Kerry's tax rate at well below that of other filers in her super-rich neighborhood. But it also means she is paying a lower average rate than nearly all middle- class taxpayers paid in 2001, the last year for which the IRS has published the data.

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I think I may have been disenfranchised. The ballot required a No. 2 pencil, which I did not have. So I had to go to the store and buy a pencil and pencil sharpener, clearly disenfranchising pen users. Let's get the lawyers working on this... Posted by Hello


Confusing Voting Instructions???

Here is the apparently ultra-confusing instructions on the Arizona ballot.Posted by Hello

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