Friday, November 05, 2004


In Response: Why Americans Really Hate Democrats

Why Americans Hate Democrats. A Dialogue - The unteachable ignorance of the red states. By Jane Smiley This article answers its own question and is it's own evidence. Exibit A: This article - an elitist diatribe on why most Americans are not enlightened enough to impose economic sanctions on mass murderers, smoke pot to cure the common cold and think of two men married to each other just the same as mom and dad. The simple fact of the matter is that liberals suffer from having no stable moral backbone and judge everything with situational ethics. Meaning that their ethical standards are very malleable, ever changing and can be used to excuse or accuse anyone, anywhere, anytime. Most people have a stable set of values which they believe to be true. Liberals, especially elite liberals, think that having strong moral beliefs is narrow minded and ignorant. Sorry, this is just not the case.

Thursday, November 04, 2004


This would have happened if Kerry won - Yea Right

The post Bush win stock market continues to rally

U.S. stocks extended their post-election rally on Thursday, pushing the S&P 500 to its highest close for more than two years as oil prices tumbled below $49, while tobacco and food company Altria Group Inc. (MO) surged after saying it may split itself up.

Whether liberal, conservative, democrat, republican, independent, green or socialist - EVERYBODY VOTES WITH THEIR MONEY. BUSH WINS THE DOLLAR VOTE TOO.


Special Request: Education Funding with Bush

The Connecticut PTA published data on Bush's 05 budget. As best I can tell, this is a leaning left group so we can look at their numbers with that caveat.

The proposed total for FY05 Department of Education discretionary spending is $57.3 billion, which is an overall increase of $1.7 billion above the FY04 total. If enacted, this would be the lowest percentage increase for education in nine years.

Here we have the essence of most liberal-democrat arguments about budget cuts. To them, a budget cut is not a decrease in the budgeted amount of money as compared to last year. A cut is actually less of an INCREASE than they wanted. There are many people out there saying that the Bush budget has cut education spending in his '05 budget. As noted above, this is not true - the education budget has increased by $1.7 billion. Also, note that this is the lowest increase in nine years. Let's see, nine years ago who was in the White House...oh yea...Clinton! By the way, nine years ago we were enjoying an economic peak. Today, we are still fighting off the economic disaster of 9/11, the Clinton second term recession, corporate scandals, and the cost of fighting a war in Iraq.

The administration proposes a Choice Incentive Fund, which would provide $50 million to states and cities for the creation of voucher programs and other programs that divert funds from public schools. This proposal, if enacted, would also reserve $14 million of these funds for a voucher program in the District of Columbia.

If we are going to support the voucher system we should pay for it. Also, schools which get funded based on attendance will need some time to improve to attract students with vouchers - this is covered too. Of course, the libs hate this too because they hate vouchers. I have not made up my mind on the school voucher system yet but nevertheless, many of the reports of the Bush '05 budget do not include the money for voucher programs.

The administration's proposed budget includes $218.7 million for new and existing charter schools. Of that sum, $18.7 million would provide states with matching funds to help charter schools obtain facilities. The budget also includes an additional $100 million for charter schools to acquire, lease, or renovate facilities.

Charter schools is another area largerly disliked by the libs. This is another part of the budget left out by some groups when calculating the total educational budget.

President Bush proposes a $1 billion increase for Title I grants to school districts, bringing the total to $13.4 billion. This increase is significant, but unfortunately the total funding is still more than $7 billion below the level authorized in Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), also known as the No Child Left Behind Act, for FY05. In addition, even with the increased funding provided in recent years, the program only fully serves about 40 percent of all eligible children. More than $30 billion would be needed to provide full funding for Title I in FY05.

The no child left behind has attracted a lot of grief because it has been accused of being an unfunded mandate. The real issue with funding for NCLB is how much it would actually cost to fund it. This article claims that another $30 billion is needed to fully fund NCLB. This letter from Education Secretary Rod Paige states that the new budget fully funds NCLB.

The president's budget requests a $1 billion increase for IDEA state grants, bringing the total to $12.2 billion. This increase is a positive step for this program, but even counting last year's increase, the federal contribution for IDEA is about half of what was promised when IDEA was originally enacted in 1975. Full funding of the federal commitment in IDEA would require approximately $20 billion.

The president put a high priority on reading in his budget request for 2004
by proposing the following increases:

$100.1 million for Reading First state grants, which focus on comprehensive reading instruction in grades K-3.
$37.6 million for the Early Reading First initiative that aims to improve the school readiness of preschool-age children.

Hmmmm. More increases. What has been cut?

The FY05 budget request proposes a number of cuts to pay for its proposed increases, which would affect dozens of vital education programs. In addition, a number of programs are frozen at the same level as was provided last year. In effect, this is a cut because there is no new money to cover the costs of inflation, nor can the programs expand to serve new students who may be eligible.

Following are some of the largest cuts proposed:

21st Century Community Learning Centers, frozen
Impact Aid funding, frozen
Teacher Quality grants (which include professional development and the
former class-size reduction program), frozen
English-Language Acquisition (formerly bilingual education), frozen
Literacy Through School Libraries program, frozen
Rural Education, frozen

Here we go again with the idea that if you don't increase the budget, that is a cut. First this group thought we couldn't subtract nine from 2004 and determine that the last president to propose a smaller increase in education funding was Clinton, now they are trying to tell us that if you spend the exact same amount of money in 2004 and 2005 that you have decreased the amount of money spent. If this is the new math, I'm home schooling.

Here are the take home messages.

1. The education budged for the '05 year is an increase from '04.

2. If you spend the same as last year, you are not cutting the budget.
2a. An increase in spending to a level less than what other people want is an increase, not a decrease.

3. When you hear that certain programs have are underfunded, find out the source for the "full funding" number. We have seen that while one group claims that NCLB is under funded by $30 billion, the secretary of education states that is will be fully funded.

4. Most liberals hate vouchers and charter schools. Many liberal "watchdog" groups conveniently leave the amount of money budgeted to fund these programs out of the total education budget.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Now Let's Get Back To Kicking Some terrorist Ass

The election night was nerve-racking, frustrating and ultimately satisfying. Unfortunately, after being up until 1:30 am and doing 14 hours of surgery today, I am somewhat speechless. Things I'm working on:

1. Networks held off on Fl and OH to keep viewers tuned in

2. Early exit polls were dead wrong and likely a democratic plan to influence the election

3. Anti-gay marriage laws passed overwhelmingly - polls previously showed this issue close

4. I have yet to hear the word mandate thrown around - but Bush winning re-election with the largest number of votes ever and with a majority of the country (Clinton never got a majority), it seems that President Bush has a mandate to continue to prosecute the war on terror, continue tax relief in the economic front and push the conservative social agenda.

5. Where is OBL and can we please kill him now?


Congratulations Joe

Congratulations to good friend and fraternity brother, Joe Gioino. Last night he was elected to the Glen Cove, NY city council. You may have read about his last campaign which ended up in a tie - the rarest of election results. The seat he was elected to last night had gone empty since that election. Those of you who know Joe can send him well wishes to By the way, Joe runs with a big D after his name - good people are good people, despite their party affiliation. Keep up the good work, Joe.Posted by Hello


Pack Your Bags!!

Another election, another challenge to the votes. I think its clear that "W" has won re-election, and will serve for another four years. But along the way during this campaign there were many promises made that I expect to be kept. Not promises by "W", but promises by celebriticians (celebrity-politicians).

With their infinite wisdom, it seems that many celebrity's have decided they know what's best for our country, and decided to try to sway the American voter. The tactic used to sway voters was not through debating the issues, but by threatening the American voter with "moving". That is, moving out of the USA if Bush were re-elected. Well, guess what, start packing your bags Sean Penn, all the Baldwin brothers, Matt "I'm Matt Damon" Damon, Ben "I'm Matt Damon's friend" Aflect, Cameron Diaz, Barbara Streisand, Michael "extra mayo please" Moore, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins, Bono (your not even an American, but get out), Bruce Springsteen, all of MTV, Dixie Chicks (including the fat one), because "W" is here for four more years.

The list of celebrities who decided to enter the celebritician arena goes on and on. I expect that if you are going to threaten us with leaving, then honor your threats. But didn't many of these same celebrities use these same threats last election. I haven't seen any move. Maybe this is just an easy way for them to get their name in the paper. I can't wait for Entertainment Tonight to the post election analysis with them. I'm sure Cameron Diaz has some insightful thoughts on national security and camouflage eye-liner from Mabeline.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004


I voted, did you?

Play hard, vote hard, drink hard (for Teresa Heinz-Kerry-Heinz, save some whiskey for the Irish!)



The day we have been waiting for. No matter who you are voting for make sure your voice is heard today. If you have already voted, help facilitate others to get to the polls. Remember, if you don't vote now you can't bitch later.

Monday, November 01, 2004


The Real October Surprise

Vice President Cheney nails Kerry to the wall. The OBL tape has proven to be a dud in and of itself as an October surprise. However, the real surprise and a defining moment in the Kerry candidacy is what Kerry did after the OBL tape emerged. Kerry polled on it. For those of you who say, "so what", the point is that Kerry did not know what to say or what his position on the tape was until he took a poll. This is not the decision making process of someone with a solid base of principles, resolve and reason. This is how someone makes decisions who does not care about anything except getting elected. Vice President Cheney:

"The thing that I find amazing about it is that John Kerry's first response was to go conduct a poll," Cheney told supporters in Fort Dodge, Iowa. "He went into the field ... to find out what he should say about this tape of Osama bin Laden."

"It's as though he doesn't know what he believes until he has to go and check the polls, his finger in the air, to see which way the wind is blowing and then he'll make a decision," said the vice president, who offered no evidence to back up his claim. "George Bush (news - web sites) doesn't need a poll to know what he believes, especially about Osama bin Laden."

"I don't think that's a man who is up to the task of being commander in chief," Cheney said of Kerry

The Kerry camp then had this witty comeback:

Kerry spokesman Joe Lockhart said Cheney "should examine his own house before throwing stones."

Both campaigns were asked if they had polled on the OBL tape. The answers make it perfectly clear who polled and who did not.

Asked whether Kerry's polls included questions about the videotape, Lockhart said, "We don't talk about our internal polls."

Matthew Dowd, the Bush campaign's strategist, denied asking about the videotape.

"We have not asked any questions related to bin Laden, this tape, or any other tape in our polling," Dowd said. "The president stands on principle and so does the campaign."

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