Saturday, December 11, 2004


Elites Lost To People Power

Dick Morris never waivered from his prediction of a Bush Victory. Morris, who advised Clinton in the past, did not let politics get in the way of noticing that the elite media could not prop up the liberal democrats against the people - blogging, talking and hitting the streets. Until the dems realize exaclty what Morris is saying, they will continue in second place.

This year, the nation’s political process was turned upside down as the elites lost power and the masses of average voters gained it.

“Mass communication” usually denotes the few speaking to the many through the journalistic and electronic media that they control. Now it must be redefined as the masses communicating and imposing their views on the elites, often over the furious objections of their former masters.

The defeat of the networks in the war of CBS versus the bloggers is one of the most dramatic illustrations of this new political dynamic. All of Dan Rather’s men could not put over a forgery of Bush’s National Guard record on America’s bloggers, who eventually forced the CBS anchor from his perch atop our politics.

The way a handful of Swift boat Vietnam veterans with only a few hundred thousand dollars among them were able to defeat the entire propaganda apparatus of the Democratic Party and nullify the effect of a four-day national convention with its extensive panoply of stars and massive media coverage is another example of the emerging people power.

And when the national elite media broke the October surprise — The New York Times/CBS story of the disappearing munitions from an Iraqi storage site — the administration’s denials and explanations were broadcast so widely by the talk-radio hosts and Internet bloggers that the story first was blunted and then backfired on the Democrats.

The final manifestation of people power came on Election Day, when Republicans rallied 1.4 million voters to work at getting out their voters in swing states. This massive outpouring of volunteers, reminiscent of the 1964 Goldwater and 1972 McGovern campaigns combined, has never happened in any campaign of the past 30 years. While Democrats relied mainly on paid workers and hired legions of lawyers to prepare for the challenges to voters that Republicans threatened but never actually lodged, the GOP created a gigantic national organization to funnel manpower into swing states, which generated a record turnout of GOP loyalists.

Friday, December 10, 2004


Ridiculous Implementation of Immigration Law

Tucsonan gets 18 months in prison for try at smuggling boy There are two big reasons to keep the boarders tight and immigration law strict. The first is to keep bomb-wielding terrorists from easily passing into our country. The second is to reign in the illegal alien flow in order to bring some regulation, accountability and tax revenue from the millions of jobs held by illegals. Throwing women in jail for smuggling nine year old boys over the boarder is a huge waste of resources. It's no wonder we have almost no accounting of the millions of legal and illegal aliens in this country.


Hypocrisy At It's Finest: CBS Asks If Blogs Should Be Regulated

CBS News has this incredible story on their website. The news organization who went out of it's way on many occasions to bash the Bush campaign and administration, now wants blogs to be regulated for fear they will influence the election with biased information. Sort of like leading the nightly news with documents condemning President Bush, which were plainly forgeries. The MSM is loosing their left hand grip on the news and this is a poor attempt from an already tainted source to try to get some legitimacy back. Didn't work.

Thursday, December 09, 2004


Higher Education in Decline

Walter E. Williams continues the discussion of campus liberalism and ties this to the decline in college students' knowledge.

In a study to be published in Academic Questions, sociologist Charlotta Stern and economist Daniel Klein found in a random national sample of 1,678 university professors that Democratic professors outnumber Republican professors 3 to 1 in economics, 28 to 1 in sociology, and 30 to 1 in anthropology. As George Will said in his Washington Post column, "Academia, Stuck to the Left" (Nov. 28, 2004): "Many campuses are intellectual versions of one-party nations."

That strong campus leftist bias goes a long way to explain mindless university courses like: "Canine Cultural Studies" (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill), "I Like Ike, But I Love Lucy" (Harvard), "History of Electronic Dance Music" (UCLA), "Rock and Roll" (University of Massachusetts) and "Hip-Hop: Beats, Rhyme and Culture" (George Mason University). There are many other examples documented by Accuracy in Academia.

A Zogby survey was commissioned by the National Association of Scholars (NAS) to compare the general cultural knowledge of today's college seniors to that of yesteryear's high school graduates. The questions for the survey were drawn from those asked by the Gallup organization in 1955 covering literature, music, science, geography and history. The results were reported in a NAS publication titled "Today's College Students and Yesteryear's High School Grads." It concludes that "Contemporary college seniors scored on average little or no higher than the high-school graduates of a half-century ago on a battery of 15 questions assessing general cultural knowledge."

The American Council of Trustees and Alumni's 1999 survey of seniors at the nation's top 55 liberal arts colleges and universities found that 98 percent could identify rap artist Snoop Doggy Dogg and Beavis and Butt-Head, but only 34 percent knew George Washington was the general at the battle of Yorktown.


The Racial Side of Liberal Media Bias

Scott Hogenson hits the elite media right between the eyes with it's double standard view of racism. Call Dr. Condoleeza Rice "Aunt Jemima" and the media accepts your John Kerry like awkward explanation - no apology needed. Call out the NFL for it's affirmative action policies to get more black quarterbacks and you are given your walking papers and called racist, despite an apology. The formula is easy: liberals can get away with racism because they care - conservatives are all racists no matter what because they are mean and want everyone treated the same.

Sylvester, who hosts a talk show on a small radio station in Madison, Wisconsin, has managed to punch his own ticket and is now basking in his 15 minutes of fame. And all he had to do was use racial epithets to attack black Republicans.

Specifically, Sylvester finds it appropriate to describe for his listeners National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice as Aunt Jemima and Secretary of State Colin Powell as Uncle Tom. How progressive of him.

"I'm not a racist," protested Sylvester, a white fellow who claims the reason he referred to Rice as Aunt Jemima was because, "her price of admission to the White House is being subservient." Well, that explains everything. We all know how routinely presidents hire people who oppose their initiatives to work in the White House.

Sunday, December 05, 2004


Intellectual diversity? Not On Campus

Jeff Jacoby looks at campus liberalism.

Things like this scare me and make me wonder if preechy professors are not actually turning young adults away from liberalism.

No surprise, then, that when researchers checked the voter registration of humanities and social-science instructors at 19 universities, they discovered a whopping political imbalance. The results, published in The American Enterprise in 2002, made it clear that for all the talk of diversity in higher education, ideological diversity in the modern college faculty is mostly nonexistent.

So, for example, at Cornell, of the 172 faculty members whose party affiliation was recorded, 166 were liberal (Democrats or Greens) and 6 were conservative (Republicans or Libertarians). At Stanford, the liberal-conservative ratio was 151-17. At San Diego State, it was 80-11. At SUNY Binghamton, 35-1. At UCLA, 141-9. At the University of Colorado-Boulder, 116-5. At the University of Texas-Austin, 94-15. Reflecting on these gross disparities, The American Enterprise's editor, Karl Zinsmeister, remarked: "Today's colleges and universities . . . do not, when it comes to political and cultural ideas, look like America."

At about the same time, a poll of Ivy League professors commissioned by the Center for the Study of Popular Culture found that more than 80 percent of those who voted in 2000 had cast their ballots for Democrat Al Gore, while just 9 percent backed Republican George W. Bush. Asked to name the greatest president of the last 40 years, 26 percent chose Bill Clinton; 4 percent said Ronald Reagan. While 64 percent said they were "liberal" or "somewhat liberal," only 6 percent described themselves as "somewhat conservative" -- and none at all as "conservative."

Worse yet, it leads faculty members to abuse their authority. The American Council of Trustees and Alumni has just released the results of the first survey to measure student perceptions of faculty partisanship. The ACTA findings are striking. Of 658 students polled at the top 50 US colleges, 49 percent said professors "frequently comment on politics in class even though it has nothing to do with the course," 48 percent said some "presentations on political issues seem totally one-sided," and 46 percent said that "professors use the classroom to present their personal political views." That nearly half of the respondents expressed those views is all the more striking, since only 13 percent described themselves as conservative.


Such a Parcel of Rogues in the United Nations

Gerald Warner from The takes a hard look at the UN.

The full article is an excellent, brisk read. Here are some excerpts.

WAKEN up and smell the Kofi scandal: that has become the preoccupation, focus or spectator sport among the caviar connoisseurs in the United Nations headquarters in New York and their implacable enemies in the newly renascent Republican Party. After 59 years of corruption, incompetence and impotence the UN is being brought to book. The immediate catalyst is the Oil-for-Food scandal in Iraq; the likely victim is the UN Secretary-General, Kofi Annan, whose coat is now hanging on an extremely shoogly nail.

The real scandal is that the UN was not discredited and dissolved many years ago: there is no organisation in the world more hypocritical, greedy and power-hungry (although the European Union is coming up fast on the outside lane). Insofar as the United Nations has any significance, it is as a sinister template for future World Government. Its strength has been to exploit the guilt complex of western citizens, posing as a vehicle of material improvement for poor countries and as a forum of world ‘peace’, while cynically pursuing its supremely selfish agenda. Naïve young people who have never been exposed to religion embrace the UN’s secular, one-world, brotherhood-of-man cant as a substitute.

Human rights is another great UN shibboleth. Yet its interpretation of this subject is eccentric, to say the least. The repeated re-election of Cuba to a seat on the UN Human Rights Commission epitomises the moral tone. The Castro régime, since 1959, has imprisoned more than 100,000 people and shot 16,000. Never say the UN apparatchiks lack a sense of humour. So far as western ‘progressive’ opinion is concerned, the only human rights abuse ever to have taken place in Cuba was in the Guantanamo Bay compound.

The United Nations neither wishes nor is able to protect human rights. In Bosnia, 600 Dutch UN ‘peacekeeping’ troops stood by as hundreds of civilians were killed in Srebrenica. During the Ethiopian famine in the 1980s, the UN spent more than $75m on building and refurbishing apartment blocks for its administrators and aid workers, while its failure to assemble vehicles for transport left vital food supplies rotting on the dockside. Nor has it learned any lessons: in the recent crisis in East Timor, the UN spent more than $50m putting up hotels and supermarkets for hoped-for tourists, while ignoring the need for hospitals and welfare projects.


Oil For Food Program = UN Undermining of US Foreign Policy

A few reading assignments regarding the Oil For Food Program, the abuses thereof and the characters involved. Just consider the savings of lives and money if Annan, his son, and some countries had not helped themselves and Hussein with their backdoor trading.

Saddam diverted $21billionn of UN aid

Annan told to quit as US Right sniffs blood at the UN

Annan's son used UN link to lobby for business

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