Thursday, December 23, 2004


Gene Which Causes Grey Hair May Cure Melanoma

Skin cancer study reveals roots of grey hair. A potential new target against melanoma - a type of skin cancer has been discovered by studying early-graying mice. The cancerous cell in melanoma, the melanocyte, is also the same cell which produces the color of hairs. When hair goes grey, the melanocytes have all died and no longer produce the pigment for the hair. These cells appear to die as part of "programmed cell death" or apoptosis. Certain signals have been discovered which may cause other cells to go through apoptosis. If the molecular signal is discovered which causes melanocytes to die, the same signal may also be used to cause the malignant melanoma cells to die. It is likely that if this leads to a therapy, one of the main side effects will be graying of the hair.


Economic Immorality

$50,000 for a cat!! Here in the land of the free, people spend all kinds of money doing ridiculous things. $50,000 to clone your dead cat is, therefore legal but can be considered nothing more than economic immorality. Economic immorality occurs when individuals with such vast wealth begin to spend it on the ludicrous, ridiculous and useless. The last great economic immorality was spending hundreds of millions of dollars to fly a hot air balloon around the world. We do not want, and should not have governmental controls on how we spend our money. However, we should have societal, religious and moral guidelines by which we use our money. Those who cannot keep from lavishly spending all their riches in the public square on $50,000 cats should be shunned, not taxed or put in jail. We should admire and celebrate those who give selfishly to charity and to help the less fortunate in order to promote that kind of spending. We should also never let things like this cat story go without wholeheartedly pronouncing it immoral.


Battle Against Christmas in the US - Small Compared to Global War on Christians

Michelle Malkin: Christians in the crossfire enumerates the ongoing, sometimes bloody war on Christianity.

In Iraq, Islamist rebel troops have declared open season on Christian churches, priests and missionaries. In February, four American pastors were traveling in a taxi near the capital when terrorists ambushed them. Rev. John Kelley, pastor of Curtis Corner Baptist Church in rural Rhode Island and a former Marine, was killed in the attack. The missionaries were starting up a new church south of Baghdad.

A friend of Rev. Kelley's noted upon word of his murder that "he wanted to be a witness for Christ in a part of the world where there aren't a lot of witnesses for Christ."

On March 15, Southern Baptist missionaries Larry and Jean Elliott of Cary, N.C., Karen Denise Watson of Bakersfield, Calif., and David McDonnall of Rowlett, Texas, were killed in a drive-by shooting in northern Iraq. McDonnall's wife, Carrie, survived the attack. The group, one of several Christian aid groups helping with reconstruction efforts, was scouting out locations for a water purification project

On Dec. 1, Christian pastor Zhang Rongliang disappeared from his village apartment in Zhengzhou, China. According to The Voice of the Martyrs, a non-profit charity that tracks religious persecution, state police confiscated all of Pastor Zhang's Christian DVDs, materials and photos. Three other Christian churches were reportedly raided after Pastor Zhang's arrest -- part of a nationwide crackdown on the Chinese "house church" movement. More than 100 other Christian pastors were arrested in Kaifeng city in September. Many have been beaten, sentenced to "re-education through labor," and accused of being "leaders of an evil cult."

In Vietnam and North Korea, followers of Christ have been arrested, beaten, tortured and forced to renounce their faith. In Nigeria, an Islamist terrorist group named after the Taliban conducted religious pogroms in the northern part of the country this fall -- kidnapping, raping and killing Christian villagers as part of a radicalization program that government officials suspect is being funded by Saudi Wahhabists. In Sudan, Muslim radicals have perpetrated mass slaughter and enslavement of Christian men, women and children, some of whom have been literally crucified.

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