Sunday, January 09, 2005


Audits Reveal Oil-for-Food Bilking

FOXNews continues to keep close eye on the oil for food program. It appears the program was unwatched, overbilled and corrupt. In addition to the overbilling detailed in this article, another huge part of the program which was to pay Kuwait citizens reparations for the 1990 invasion was also completely without oversight. According to Tony Snow on the Sunday Factor, approximately $40 billion of the $63 billion oil-for-food program is unaccounted or at least poorly accounted for.

Far more than the actual dollars wasted, mismanaged or missing is the fact that for years the U.N. allowed Saddam to cheat the program. The lack of oversight did not just loose money, it allowed the Iraq regime to continue to build it's arsenal, promote terror and repress it's people. We are now in a war with the reminants of that government and it's allies thanks to the inept handling of the oil-for-food program by the U.N. Each and every American life lost should be blamed - at least in part - on Kofi Annan and the U.N.

This NewsMax article shows just how cluless Kofi Annan is about the oil-for-food program. Anyone who had read even a small bit of the problems with the program would know it was a disaster. Kofi, on the other hand, has his head in the clouds:

Though Saddam Hussein is reported to have siphoned off at least $23 billion in relief money that was supposed to go to the people of Iraq while U.N. sanctions were in place, Annan called the operation he oversaw "effective."

Annan said allegations of "some wrongdoing" are "being looked into," but quickly reiterated, "We should not forget that [Oil-for-Food] achieved its results."

"The sanctions were effective. Iraq was disarmed. Iraq is well-fed," the U.N. chief claimed. "In fact, the distribution system was so effective that today we use the distribution cards as the basis for voter registration for the elections."

Kofi reminds me of Bagdad Bob - "nothing to see here, everything is fine, we are winning the war, the US is retreating."

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