Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Kennedy's Progressive Agenda Neither Progressive Nor An Agenda ... Discuss

Kennedy: Democrats Need Progressive Agenda Ted Kennedy tries to rally democrats by proposing a "progressive agenda." With this lead in you might think he was going to take his party in a whole new direction, think again. If I hear one more liberal or democrat decrying why they had a hard time connecting with the American voter and then proposing to continue to do the same exact thing they have been doing for years, I'm going to ... encourage them. Here are two of the drunks new and innovative proposals:

Proposal #1:
He (Kennedy) said Medicare should be gradually expanded to cover all citizens, and the cost would be funded through payroll taxes and general revenues and offset by savings through advances in technology.
See my post regarding Tennessee and the horrible flop of TenCare as an example of government trying to provide healthcare to everyone. This also shows a fundamental misunderstanding of healthcare - advances in technology do not make health care cheaper, it make it more expensive.

Proposal #2:
Kennedy also called for greater federal support for college costs, saying every student who is admitted to college should be guaranteed the cost of earning a degree.
We already have this, it is called student loans. For the lowest income groups there are grants and scholarships. Some day I hope to send my children to college. At that time I should have plenty of money saved and be in the prime of my career as a surgeon. Should the government pay for my kids college tuition? This is just more pie in the sky. Liberals want you to believe there is a financial barrier to going to college and if the government would just pay for all college, more students, including minorities, would go to college. This simply is not true. The barrier to going to college starts in the home and is perpetuated by stereotypes and backward social values. Show me a kid accepted to a college who could not pay for it and I'll show you a student who did not fill out the FAFSA - or whatever they are calling it these days.

Kennedy wrapped up his speech with this display of oratorial skills

Kennedy also mangled the name of the Democrats' new star, Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, calling him "Osama bin ... Osama ... Obama."

Have another one Ted...

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