Monday, January 03, 2005


Legitimate Scientists Knew Tsunami Inevitable But Were Drowned Out By Global Warming Crowd et. al.

Scientists demanded warning system two years ago. The reports that a group of scientists has been lobbying the UN for a tsunami warning system for the last two years. The tectonic plates which caused the recent tsunami were known to be active and had caused seismic activity in 1797, 1833 and 1861. To simplify the science, this fault was "due" for another big quake and the subsequent tsunami. The question is why did the warnings fall on deaf ears. My suspicion is that the group of scientists warning of this disaster were seen as another scientific group crying wolf. The small amount of their work I have read seems reputable and solid. No one can argue against measured fault activity and the relation of increased level of small plate movements to an upcoming large quake. In addition, this group was asking for nothing more that a warning system - not major social, political or economic change. Compare this with other "scientists" constantly warning of major natural disasters brought about by global warming, fossil fuels, chorofluorocarbons, or logging. I actually saw one woman on CNN the other night talking about a tsunami which would be strong enough to cross from the east to the west coast of America and somehow related this to pollution. Many of these scientists are socially and politically motivated and are interested in changing our economic and cultural systems and beliefs and thus exaggerate their claims to sound more relevant and important. Unfortunately, these activists steal the thunder of the real scientists and drown out their legitimate calls for preventative action.

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