Friday, January 21, 2005


Marilyn Kahle, Principal and University of Arizona Graduate, Turns 50

On a personal note, Aunt Marilyn Turns 50. I was just sent a link to pictures of the birthday party of one of my favorite aunts. I'm not sure about her politics - everyone has more or less the same politics after five of Dolf's margaritas. Anyway, she is a wonderful person who has been important to me since I was a kid. Marilyn spent time with us in AZ when I was growing up. Among other things she convinced a young me that Milky Way candy bars were parachuted in each evening from space and that if you eat liver it all goes into your left leg. Now that I'm a doctor, I know better - liver goes into your Right Leg. Marilyn is also a Wildcat and was fortunate enough to be in Tucson when they got rodeo week off of school and nobody really knew what the drinking age was. She, along with her husband, Dolf and their kids were awesome while I was in medical school in Ohio and I miss seeing them. She is still in Cleveland and it is still cold there from the looks of the pictures. Happy birthday Marilyn, see you in October.

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