Friday, January 21, 2005


Protester Gets Pummeled For Protesting the Protesters has an article about a group of protest protesters. Apparently they were not welcome with the rest of the protesters near the inauguration route and were subsequently beat up by the anti-Bush protesters. Funny how the party who accepts everyone has very little tolerance for dissenting opinions.

On another note. Read this whole article. Read it carefully. What do you find? Well here is an example of actual journalism not filled with opinions, verbal slights and overt partisanship. Why do you think this is the case here? Easy, because it is a story about a group of left-friendly, Bush-haters who perpetrated assault and battery on a group of people who were expressing their first amendment rights. Contrast this with most any story about the war in Iraq which usually begins with the false conclusion that there were no WMDs found, that the war is a quagmire and that we are loosing. The bias reported is all to clear in this WaPo article when compared to the remainder of their work.

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