Friday, January 21, 2005


Stoudamire stays hot and shoots down Ducks

Salim continues his hot streak. Having been stuck in Houston for the last six months, I have not been able to see much Wildcat sports. Mostly because there are about fifteen hundred colleges here in Texas and they all have to have played early games or be off completely for any west coast/Pac-10 sports to make it into my living room. Fortunately, the moon must have lined up with Venus and I had the full Cats-Ducks game to watch. I was a little concerned early when the Cat's spent the first five minutes down by five. My heart rate returned to normal when we took the lead and extended it to fifteen. Then the Cats let down. It was terrible to see a team which is trying to find it's groove completely let their game plan and intensity go. Up by eleven, Channing Frye takes a three pointer from the top of the arc and I thought to myself - sure we are up by eleven but this is not time to have our center start throwing up threes. Sure enough, a couple of steals later and the Ducks are within one point. Now my heart rate is up again and I'm starting to yell loud enough to wake up my fiancee (who gets cranky when she doesn't get enough sleep) so now I'm angry for two reasons. Fortunately, some decent leadership, some good shots and excellent play by Stoudamire and Adams the cats were able to pull it out. Now a W is a W but this team is just too "on the bubble" to ever let it's guard down. They need to keep the intensity up and beat the crap out of a few teams - then Frye can try some shot from downtown.

Oh by the way. Did you catch Oregon state crushed the scumdevils 88 to 66.

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