Friday, January 14, 2005


Wildcat Basketball Fan Says What We Were All Thinking

Matthew Seaton, a senior at the U of A writes an excellent and hilarious letter to the editor. Why can't we beat those Stanford geeks anyway???

Unacceptable to lose to Stanford in hoops

Like most of you, I love our basketball team and understand they cannot win all of their games. Losing to Stanford, as they have made a habit of in recent years, is, however, unacceptable. Unlike their student body, most of us will not go on to prestigious law and medical schools, nor start multi-billion dollar ventures like Google Corp. Instead, all we ask is that our basketball team kicks their basketball team's ass most of the time. Really, is this so much to ask? Isn't it bad enough many of us will be working for these chumps when we graduate, if we're not gainfully employed selling cars or digging ditches. Look, I love the UA, and am thankful to be here, but we'll never be Stanford. The least we can do is get over on them athletically.

Matthew Seaton
biochemistry senior

At least we can get up on USC.

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