Wednesday, February 09, 2005


AZ Gov. Wants Feds To Pay $118M For Migrant Costs

Govenor Napolitano is demanding the feds pay up. Many states, mostly AZ, CA and TX, house illegal alien federal inmates for the federal government. In return the feds are supposed to compensate the state department of corrections for the housing costs. Apparenly the feds owe AZ $118 million. While I rarely - I mean rarely - agree with Joe, er - I mean Janet - this is simply a big problem for AZ. We have a great economy and have one of the fastest growing cities in the country and still the state budget is crippled with the cost of illegals in AZ. Health care, education and police inforcement all cost the state hundreds of millions. In return the illegals ship billions back to Mexico. We need a plan now to tighten boarders, make more strict the need to be a citizen or guest worker to have a job and start capturing the income taxes from these illegal workers in order to slightly offset the cost to the AZ community.

On a journalistic note. I find it interesting that the headline describes the illegal aliens as "migrant." My impression that migrant workers are of all decents and are NOT illegal. Apparently this will be the next politically correct term for illegals.

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