Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Fellow University of Colorado Professor Thinks Affirmitive Action to Blame in Hiring Ward Churchill

Professor Paul Campos contends in his rocky mountain news article that Ward Churchill was hired because he stated he was native american.
The privileges created by tenure are supposed to insulate faculty from political pressures in general and censorship in particular. Yet those of us in the academy, if we were candid, would have to admit that few places are more riddled with the distorting effects of politics and censorship than university faculties.

Academics claim to despise censorship, but the truth is we do a remarkably good job of censoring ourselves. This is especially true in regard to affirmative action. Who among us can claim to have spoken up every time a job candidate almost as preposterous as Churchill was submitted for our consideration? Things like the Churchill fiasco are made possible by a web of lies kept intact by a conspiracy of silence.

Professor Campos is absolutely correct. There will probably be more calls for his job after writing up this criticism of affirmative action than for the loon Churchill's job.

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