Friday, February 11, 2005


German 'Homosexual' Penguins Spark Gay Protest

There must be a punchline in here somewhere. Apparently multiple gay rights groups are worried that a zoo in Germany will force some allegedly gay penguins to go hetero. Is it me, or does this group seem to have too much time on their hands. Maybe they are all French where they only work 35 hours per week by law. One thing is for sure, a protest involving the phrase "gay penguin" is not going to increase the credibility of your organization.

A plan by a German zoo to test the sexual appetites of a group of suspected homosexual penguins has sparked outrage among gay and lesbian groups, who fear zookeepers might force them to turn straight.
...the zoo concluded the penguins might be gay after seeing male penguins trying to mate with other males and trying to hatch offspring out of stones.
German media reported that female Swedish penguins would be brought to the zoo to test the theory, but when word got out about the plan, the phones started ringing

I'm really not sure what the problem is here. If the penguins are gay, then the worst thing that will happen if they add in female penguins is there will be some female penguins with guy friends that really listen to them. If they are not gay, there will be some really happy boy penguins.

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